Friday, 23 March 2012

Favourite thing on a Friday/ Bliss lists

I haven't done a FTOAF/Bliss list post in a while. I've been quite busy over the last few weekends which has been lovely, dont get me wrong, but I really love having a free weekend ahead of me. U know what I mean? Theres something a bit too pleasurable about knowing I can get up whenever I wake up tomorrow and Sunday, slob about all day and do whatever takes my fancy. Does that make me sound really lazy?? I do work full time so my weekends are what keeps me sane.
But that kind of brings me onto my favourite things list.

This evening I wasn't free either.

This evening I left work at 4 and drove to Brighton. Round the m25 on a Friday. :( That is NOT going on my list.

It took 2 hrs 20 minutes. I was there 20 minutes, then turned right round and came back again. (only 1 hr 30 minutes thankfully)

Why? I hear you ask. Insanity surely??!?!?! My weekends are supposed to keep me sane not send me screaming round the bend.

I was picking up my baby sister from Uni. She's finished for the summer (I know, crazy eh? but she has to go on a 7 month placement) and needed all her stuff brought home so couldnt get the train. For various reasons my mum couldnt pick her up so I offered to go down after work.

She's only 19, I'm 13 years older than her so we dont really have a normal sisterly relationship. We don't socialise together, I'm far too uncool for that. I used to change her nappies and help feed her when she was little. My friends were envious of the hilarious little monkey I shared a house with and used to love coming round to play with her, trying to get the cute little toddler to do all that funny stuff cute little toddlers do. I used to listen to her read and help her with her homework. I took her out to practice her driving before she took her test. I even went to one of her parents evenings at school because our parents couldnt make it. And now I'm picking her up from Uni. My little baby sister.


We've had a rocky few years. At times we've had some almighty rows - my brother had to separate us once. But she's coming out of that stroppy teenage phase now and we get on quite well. (I think so anyway, I'm not 100% certain what she'd say). A year and a half ago she said she'd run a Guide unit with me which I was over the moon about. Maybe she's finally accepting me as more than just her annoying bossy, uncool, older sister.

We had quite a nice journey home, chatting away about what she's been up to at uni, her boyfriend, her housemates and everything else in between. At one point she made me laugh so much I nearly choked on my drink and ended up spitting it all over myself and the steering wheel. I was a little worried I'd have to pull over onto the hard shoulder while I recovered.

And now she's safely back at home, just 3 miles away. I like that, knowing that she's safe and warm.

So my favourite thing this week is going to be my baby sister Gwen. She's great. And pretty much perfect.

(Closely followed by free weekends. Particularly those ones where the weather is as nice as they are promising it is going to be. )

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