Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WIP Wednesday #9

I'm still here!!!

Life is still mentally busy but I'm off work this week with sinusitis so am lying on the sofa knitting and catching up on Glee!

AND..... I've finished the baby blanket and the cardigan.

I finished the cardigan a few weeks ago but havent managed to post about it yet and I finished the blanket yesterday. The baby is 4 weeks old now but hey... I'll post about them on Friday (mainly because I cant find the photos)

But here's my new WIP.

It's ANOTHER baby blanket. Good friends just told us they're expecting so I got carried away and started another baby blanket.

It's a pretty simple pattern (which means I can do it in front of the telly) and in oatmeal because they dont know what flavour the baby will be. But I like it.

Dont forget to have a look at all the other WIPs. I'm SO out of the Blog loop :( I really have so much to catch up on.


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