Sunday, 15 December 2013


So.... I've just finished the 9th stocking I'm making for my baby's advent calendar. Crazy I know but it seems wrong knitting stockings in the summer. Wonder if I'll have 24 by next Christmas. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

WIP Wednesday.

I just do NOT have the time I need to blog as much as I'd like, how do the rest of you manage it??
 :( Taking the photos and uploading them to my laptop takes an insane amount of time (am I doing it right? have I missed something??)
And a certain little man is taking up an inordinate amount of   all my time at the moment.

But he goes to bed well so I am getting some knitting done. I have a FO post for Friday but at the moment, this is what I'm working on.

I've made the gorgeous jumper in the blue and am now making the hat to go with it, I just hope it fits his rather huge head!
I'm linking with Tami's WIP Wednesday post. Thanks for popping by

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

WIP Wednesday

Gosh, where have I been??

Working on the world's best WIP that's where. My little man is 4 and a half months now.

But in the absence of anything else to say, this is what I'm working on at the moment........

It's just a basket stitch blanket. He's teething at the moment so it will probably just end up in his mouth like everything else within reach.

I'm hooking up with Tami again so pop over for some more WIPs.  And I promise I'll be back soon.

Friday, 30 August 2013

FO Friday

Despite the afore mentioned new arrival, I've managed to complete a FO.

People keep asking me what he's called. As a child I lacked that creativity to name soft toys anything other than Mrs Rabbit  or Mrs Badger so if it was up to me, he'd be called Mr hippo.- I think he's a 'he' not a 'she'. What do you think??? I'm pretty fond of him. He comes from this book.....

I've got a few more planned to add to the little man's zoo and maybe then a farmyard too!

I'm linking up with Tamis to share some FO's. Pop over. If you've come from there, thanks for popping by xxx

oh and scroll down for some good news :)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Good news


I've been absent for a while. I posted a few little posts about some of the stuff I've been up to but I left something quite massive out.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I was 6 months pregnant at the end of February and that it is now mid August.

So cut a long story short, I had a beautiful baby boy on June 1st.

He weighed 6lb 11 and came by c section as they discovered a week before his due date that he was breech.

And life has sort of been on hold ever since. Or maybe life has just changed. And I LOVE it, more than I could have imagined. I love the smiles he gives us and the giggles we've had for the last few weeks, I love seeing his sight develop so he can really focus now, I love seeing him get excited when his daddy comes home from work, I love seeing how special he is to our extended family, I love buying clothes for him (finally some guilt free clothes shopping!), I love having our living room full of toys and baby gyms, I love being off work. I just love it. All of it and all of him. I am in love with this little fella. He is pretty amazing. And the idea that I made him just blows my tiny sleep deprived mind.

Needless to say, the knitting has taken quite a back seat over the last 12 weeks. I did manage to finish the cross stitch I was working on for my god daughter but don't have any photos yet. I've done a little knitting and am half way through a knitted hippo to go with the knitted elephant I made earlier in the year some time. But that's it. No blankets, nothing. Even the knitted baby bag I was working on ran into a brick wall after I got confused by the right and wrong sides. But who cares? There are so many more important things in life than knitting and blogs.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Nearly FO

This weekend I will mainly be sewing together the hippo I am knitting. :)

Monday, 17 June 2013

New Twitter account

I just set up a Twitter account for my blog so please get following.


If you leave me a comment so I know you've followed, I'll follow back

Thursday, 13 June 2013

WIP Wednesday - better late than never!!!

Wow. It's been a while. So much has happened.

Back in February just after I last posted my 97 year old Grandpa died. Now, Obviously at 97 it wasn't that unexpected but it still shook us all up, particularly my mum and there is so much to be organised when someone dies that sometimes it feels like the grieving takes a back seat. I didn't feel like posting for a while and there wasn't a lot of crafting going on to post about anyway.

I was 6 months pregnant at the time and feeling rather tired and stretched in all directions.

But life went on, slowly and getting bigger by the day. It was tough but we had a lot to celebrate as he'd had a very successful and busy life. Actually, thinking about it, I reckon he deserves a post of his own........ check back later for that one!

I had planned to work up until I was nearly 37 weeks pregnant. I wanted to get my year 6 class through their SATS exams. We work them pretty hard up until that week ensuring they are ready for the tests in order that they go to secondary school with levels that accurately reflect their ability. We don't hot house them or try to get them to achieve levels that aren't reflective. That doesn't do anyone any favours, them or the secondary schools, but they do work very hard. And so do we. I knew that working that late into my pregnancy would be hard work but it was what I wanted to do for the kids in my class. It also meant that there was a natural break in the term at the time that I left without having to work until the half term holiday which was actually the week before my due date.......

So imagine my surprise when, at 36 weeks pregnant I get told that we'd had the Ofsted phone call. (They are the government body that come into schools to inspect them and check that everything is as it should be!) They called on the Tuesday after Bank Holiday Monday then came in on Wednesday and Thursday. I worked 14 hour days and was pretty exhausted to say the least but I was glad to have had the opportunity to do my share of the work and show the inspectors how hard we work. I'm the special needs coordinator and wanted to explain all the extra provisions we give to the children who struggle.

And it was worth it. We got awarded Outstanding again!!!

So I finished work on May 17th and have worked pretty hard on this..........

It's for my God daughter's second birthday. (I'm hoping her mum doesn't read this!)

It went really well for the first week. But then someone had other ideas............ I'll save that for another post too.

I have also started work using my 'Lucy' stash from Deramores.

I really want to make a huge granny square blanket like Lucy's Big Blanket. I like the fact that it can grow and grow with no limits as opposed to a ripple blanket which has at least one predetermined size from the start as it can only grow in one direction.

I had a long discussion with my mum about the colours I had and the fact that Lucy's blanket isn't completely random. (Have another look, the little squares are all edged with either dark blue or turquoise- see what I mean??) I wanted to make a big blanket for my baby. And not knowing whether it was a boy or girl decided that each of my little squares should be made from the pink or blue colours and then each set of 4 edged with either pinks or blues. - You'll see what I mean when I've made a little more progress on it, what I'm saying makes sense in my head ... honest! But here it is so far. .....

ok so it's not too impressive yet and perhaps I'm putting a little too much thought into the colours. I have an elaborate chart going on so that the colours end up evenly balanced - why can nothing ever be truly random??? but I'm quite pleased with what I've done so far...

I'm going to join the party late and hook up with tamis WIP Wednesday post.
Pop over to see what everyone else has been up to.

Oh and pop back to catch up on more news soon. I promise it gets more exciting. ;)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy #8/52

So this week has mainly involved clearing out and getting ready.

Hubby and I had the week off and we spent it (trying to) chill right out and preparing the spare room (difficult to manage BOTH! It seemed we could have one or the other at a time but they didnt happen simultaneously). We have got rid of SO much stuff I've lost track of what we've kept and what has gone. If he had his way a LOT more stuff would have been culled but part of me has to keep hold of it. I've found all sorts of random things in the clear out, 21st birthday cards, 'good luck in your year out' cards, 'congratulations on graduating' cards, 'thank you for teaching me' cards, soft toys from children I've taught, board games, jigsaw puzzles. All sorts of stuff. And most of it has gone. Our house is tiny and as babies come with more than their fair share of 'stuff' we have to make room for it all.

So it's gone.

Therefore my 4 things relate closely to this difficult and stressful process.

1. a cleared room!

2. a freshly painted ceiling (the people before had had it plastered but not painted it properly so the paint had peeled. What a pain.)

3. a new cot - an eBay bargain that turns into a toddler bed when they're big enough.

4. a tidied up blog! I decided that the pink was making me feel a bit yucky and lots of other blogs have gone for the white background recently so I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon!

I'm sorry there are no photos. I'm like a beached whale on the sofa already and just dreading the next few months. :(

Maybe more photos in the future.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday #34

As usual I've got a few WIPs at the moment. (mainly clearing out the spare room but more about that tomorrow!)  I'm still working on my pram blanket for the baby (well, when I say working on, I mean that it's here, on the needles still, waiting patiently for me to pick it up and feel sorry for it, know what I mean?)

But the baby carry bag that I'm knitting is making progress. (more info here)

And I've got another WIP in my head (does that count???)

I've adored a few granny square blankets from a distance for a while now but not managed to find a pattern that starts with a circle that I've felt was easy enough to follow....... Until the WONDERFUL Victoria from Yarnroundhook replied to a question i posted on her blog about the beautiful Spring Blanket she has been working on.

So now I have a pattern I just need to finalise the colours I'm going to use. I bought one of the Stylecraft colour packs a while back so am contemplating using all the colours in as random a way as possible, or just a few of them. I also bought a set of colours very similar to Victoria's Spring blanket and Cocorosetextiles Evening sun blanket BUT........ in the clearing out process we've been working on this week (come back tomorrow for a 52 Weeks of Happy post about it) I think that hubby has put it in the loft and I darent ask him to hunt it out and get it down for me! hmmmmm decisions decisions.

Am linking up with the usual Wednesday parties. Pop over to have a look at some other WIPs.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 7/52

I missed week 6. Sorry. I've been exhausted and work has been busy. It always seems to get crazy at school in the run up to a holiday. Why is that???

I love my job, really I do but it's such hard work. I really can't wait to go on maternity leave and look towards something a little different.

I'm not really feeling the blog right now. I struggle with regular weekly posts and don't really feel like I know where I'm going with the it at the moment. I started it as a way of chronicling what I'm making but it never ends up looking as good as I'd hope or imagine. There are so many amazing looking and inspiring blogs out there that I guess I just feel like the poor relation. I never remember to carry my camera with me. And when I do, I feel a bit stupid taking photos of random things. Does anyone else get that?

Has anyone got any advice for improving the look of the blog or interest of my posts?? I'm not really sure where to go next.

Here we go....Another week, another 4 things..... with no photos. I'm determined that as I'm off work this week I'll be better prepared for my post this week.

1. 20 week scan. (despite being 24 weeks) (this was actually last week but I'm kind of writing about the last fortnight. Is that cheating??)

2. Shrove Tuesday. We made pancakes at guides. It was a floury, eggy, battery mess but they loved it.

3. Lunch with my family for my mum's birthday. I dont think my brother can go out for a meal without having far too much to drink but he is such fun entertainment. I love him!!!

4. The spare room is 99% clear!!! But now I'm a bit worried about the ceiling collapsing under the weight of the stuff in the loft !

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Love Your Library - February

So for this month I plan to make this.......

I know I'm cheating and I've already started it but really, I've done about 10 rows. Does that really count? Oh go on, let me get away with it. Please don't tell anyone.

If I promise to get it finished by the end of the month will that count???

I'd better get knitting I guess........

What are you working on for the Love Your Library Challenge?

52 Weeks of Happy 5/52

Gosh another week already.

I have been super busy at work this week and hubby has been away on business AGAIN. :(

But he's home again now! :)

Here are my 4 moments of Happy for the 52 Weeks of Happy post this week.

1. The first came last weekend. Hubby and I went into town to discover that the local produce market was on so bought a load of meat from the local farm annd some bread from the bakery so I treated myself to one of these beauties......... a custard slice!!! YUMMY!! (and yes I was halfway through before I thought to take a photo! )

2. Hubby came home AGAIN. and isn't going anywhere til now til July!

3. This little beauty was finished this week:

4. Date Night with Hubby tonight. We RARELY go out for dinner so I figured that as he'd been away we should make an effort. And as stuffed and immobile as I now am, I'm really pleased we went. It was lovely to be away from the TV, laptops, iPads and knitting and to just chat about everything and nothing.

Hope you've had some moments of happy too. xxx

Love your Library- January/ FO Friday

Ooops. I'd forgotten about this thread. The end of January has really crept up on me.

I dont have a huge number of knitting books and patterns. (I know someone who would say that I have too many but that simply ISN'T true!)

My Love your Library project for January came from this book:

I decided to make an elephant for my baby. To be honest I finished the knitting weeks ago and started to stitch him together. That was when I realised how much I hate the stitching part........ and the elephant project ground to a rather pathetic halt. He has spent the last few weeks looking like this.  How sad. I'm ashamed of myself.

So when I realised that January was over and that I really needed to get Nelly finished.

and here he/she is.........

I'm really pleased with it. I'm actually surprised at how like the pictures in the book it has turned out. Crazy I know but I am.
AND..... it's the first bit of knitting that Hubby has really shown an interest in. I think because it's for his baby and now just another scarf or something to clutter up the house.  So success all round ! :)
So I guess that's January's project done :)

I know what February's will be...... but watch this space.
I'll post about February's project as soon as possible. But pop over to snapdragoncrafts to see the other Love your Library posts.
I'm also linking up with Tami's FO post a day late but hey....


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIP Wednesday #33

I've mentioned these in other posts but not really explained them.

I bought this book with a Christmas voucher from one of the children in my class. There are LOADS of scrummy baby patterns in there that I've ear marked for making this year (and a few I've palmed off on my mum)


This was one of my favourites. It's a pretty simple pattern that is just stocking stitch but it looks so scrummy and cuddly.

I decided to use the Sirdar Snuggly DK I've used before for baby blankets (having been stung by using Tiny tots that was listed as a baby yarn but was horrid). I'd hoped to make it in cream but there wasnt the stock available so I'm using Pearly Green (304)

And this is the progress so far.

Slow basically.

But I'm also working on this:

It's a plain basket stitch blanket made from Stylecraft Baby DK in Baby Cream (1245).

I'm hoping to whip it up pretty quickly to be used as a pram blanket. I've made it a little wider than those I've made in the past and will just make it as long as the 200g ball will allow me.

That's it for now. But you know, like I say, this ISNT going to turn into a baby blog. Honest. Any other projects I'm half way thro have taken a MASSIVE back seat tho.

Thanks for popping by but dont forget to pop over to Tamis, Ginny's and Kristine's to see what other fab things everyone is whipping up.

Have a good week. I'll be posting my 5th Week of Happy tomorrow so please drop by.


Friday, 25 January 2013

FO Friday.

I actually have 2 FOs. One from this week and one from a while back but I never got it photographed and blogged so I might save that one for another day.

You might remember that in the dim and distant past I started on a Wingspan. You can find it here with the yarn info (luckily as I've now lost the band :( ).

Well, I finally got it finished. Purely because I needed the needle it was on to start another project. (wouldn't that stop startitis??? if you only had one set of needles for everything you knitted??? you'd HAVE to finish each project before you started another one....... if only!)

And this is the result.

The bottom 2 show the actually colours more accurately but I included the top one too as it's a brighter picture.

I'm really quite pleased with it. I think I mentioned this before but I'm considering frogging the socks I started EVEN LONGER ago and making a red one too.
You know what, I've just looked, I havent blogged about the socks, and therefore not worked on them, since JUNE 2011!!!! they need to be frogged! I dont really fancy knitting socks anyway and am FAR more likely to use a scarf than socks....... I see their fate is sealed! Bye bye socks.

Pop over to Tamis to see lots of other lovely yarny FOs. And pop back here next Friday as I'll try to post about my other FO and I might have even finished my Elephant (all the knitting is done, it's just the stitching together that needs to be done now, eugh isnt that BORING???)

Have a fab weekend everyone.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 4/52

Lots has made me happy this week.

1) Not the snow so much as it took me over 4 hours to do the 15 miles home from work on Friday. (I had to do a huge detour to avoid some of the insane hills round here as cars werent getting up or down them. I have never been on such a stressful or scary journey in my life. I will NEVER do it again.) Or even playing in it as my hubby has me under you're-pregnant-dont-even-think-of-going-out-and-slipping-over house arrest. But the views from my bedroom window have been fantastic.

2) Starting some knitting projects for my baby. I've loved making things for friends' babies but this is different. I dont want this to turn into a baby blog but I'm sure you know that babies and pregnancy take up your EVERY thought and action. I'm working on a simple blanket I can use in the buggy or car seat and a 'Hooded Carrying Bag' from The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss.

3) A Christmas present that got sent back for a different size arrived this week. You have to watch Big Bang Theory to know what Bazinga! is but by chance hubby bought this for me and I bought him a matching tshirt. I love it and it hides my big fat pregnant tummy!

4) My new boiler! It has taken over a week and resulted in a few nights at my mum's and dust EVERYWHERE. But we now have a fully installed and working brand new boiler. My house is the lovely cosy sanctuary it used to be again and trust me, in this weather I couldnt be happier!

In other news, hubby got home from Hong Kong on Friday, just before the AWFUL snow fall :)
And a good friend of our has given us a load of baby stuff she's finished with including a gorgeous moses basket and Baby Bjorn (have you seen how expensive they are new?!?!?!)

So all in all, a very good Week Of Happy :)

I hope you've all had a happy week too

Thursday, 17 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 3/52

My hubby is still away so this week has been a bit of a struggle. Pathetic I know but I hate it when he's away. He's been gone a fortnight now but he's back tomorrow!!! :)

Despite that, here are my 4 happy moments of the week. There have been some, honest. It's not all doom and gloom.

1) This order arrived from Deramores at the weekend. I CAN NOT wait to get started on a massive granny blanket with it. I'm thinking something along the lines of Lucy's Big Blanket over at Attic24.
Hmmmm. Time will tell. I need to prioritise.

2) I am half way to being a mummy today! Yep, I'm 20 weeks pregnant. This was our 12 week scan.

3) It was my birthday yesterday. A subdued affair due to number 2 but some lovely pressies and cards. These arrived from my hubby who is currrently away on business in Hong Kong.

4) My elephant.
It's NEARLY there. There are so many seams to sew (and boy they are fiddly).

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 2/52

This week has seen some changes round here.
I started back at work yesterday and my hubby is in Hong Kong again on business. :(

But I seem to have nearly failed at just the second Week of Happy.

I have completely failed to take any photos at all during the week and have just had to rush round talking these photos in rubbish light. I think I need to charge up my little digital compact and carry that around with me all the time instead of relying on the SLR that is just completly impractical for everyday lugging about.

I can TELL you about 4 things that have made me happy but I dont have 4 photos. FAIL!!!

1. Lovely friends offering to cook me dinner while my hubby is away so that I dont have to eat these all week:

2. Clearing out the spare room.
(yes, that is a dinosaur eating a Stormtrooper)

3. Treating myself to a haircut, eyebrow wax and getting the car cleaned (it's the little things)
(I dont have a photo of this, but really, do you need to see any of these???)

4. This gorgeous little earring stand was made by my dad's best bud. A bespoke piece made specially for me. I LOVE it.

(I'm also a little happier with my photos thanks to Jacquie's post. Still a long way to go tho!)

I hope you have all had 4 moment of happy this week


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