Friday, 30 December 2011

Festive FOs.

As I said in my WIP post on Wednesday I managed to get my stars garland finished.

I then made a heart one in the hope that him indoors will let me keep the hearts one up all year :)

And here they are in their new home.

(These are all the books I havent read and will endeavour to work my way through when I've finished my course. )

I think they look fab and should therefore stay all year. I might even have to make another set for the other set of shelves. :)

If you like them you can find the stars tutorial here and the hearts tutorial here.
I cant accept any creative responsibility for them. but the tutorials are FAB and very easy to follow, even for a novice crocheter like me.

Dont forget to pop over to Tamis for some more FOs and to WonderWhyGals Fiber Arts Friday

I hope you all have a fab new year.
Thanks for reading my rather amateurish blog.
If you've got this far can I ask that you humour me a little more and read the post below about my work with Girl Guiding.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bucks Bulletin

As part of my role as a Girl Guide leader somehow a few years ago I managed to let myself be talked into becoming the editor of our termly newsletter. You know the old expression about wanting something done and asking a busy person......???

Now, 'Editor' sounds a bit elaborate for what I do. 'Cut and paster' would be better but there are normally at least 16 pages of the beast. But it's my contribution to Guiding in Bucks and, lets face it, as I can do it from the sofa in front of the telly it's a pretty cushy job.

Last year, as I hope you all know from all the brilliant PR that was going on, was our Centenary and at times the Bulletin went up to 24 pages. That's a lot of cutting and pasting.

So, we go to print 3 times a year. These times tend to fall just after the beginning of a new school term so I spend a few days of my holidays stretching photos and spell checking to get it all put together and emailed off in time for 1500 copies to be printed before the next county meeting. It can all get pretty stressful. Particularly because getting articles out of people, and photos to go with the articles more to the point, can be rather difficult. So that's where I am at the moment. Waiting for the flurry of last minute, post-deadline emails to come flooding in so that I can play around with it all and make it look beautiful.

It usually forms an interesting showcase of all the amazing stuff that still goes on within Guiding at a local level and the dedication and commitment shown by leaders. And, like I say, is my small way of giving something back to the County.

Not only does it get printed but it gets put on the Bucks website.

The last issue (Autumn 2011) isnt there yet as I failed to send it to the Web lady before Christmas, but the Summer 2011 is (scroll down to the bold writing) and all the issues before that (see the list on the right). Spring 2012 will be printed and distributed at the end of January.

Have a look thro. Be inspired. Google your local unit and go and support them.

Over recent years Guiding has done a lot of work to modernise the public image of Guides and the activities the girls carry out. It has tried to move away from the rather ancient idea of guides 'knitting and knotting'.

But I have to confess that a year or so ago some friends organised a weekend for their unit and invited me along - with my knitting needles and spare yarn. Between the 3 of us we taught all 18 of the girls how to do at least a simple knit stitch and they LOVED it. I have never seen a group of 10 - 14 year old girls so heavily involved in a crafting activity.
It was lovely. We'd bought them plain dolls from Baker Ross

Fabric Dolls

and the girls were tasked with clothing them. They showed amazing creativity and one even managed to knit a dress.

So maybe (heaven forbid!) you could go along to a local meeting and share some of your crafting expertise and teach some knitting or crocheting to a group of Girl Guides.

Anyway, wish me luck with getting this edition all together in time. I found a fab 'Keep Calm' poster that is very appropriate for me so it will probably end up being a last minute panic the night before it has to be with the printer.  Will I ever learn????

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WIP update

ooooh look where I've got to now.....

to be honest I've chained them all together now but that will have to wait until Friday for the FO post.

Oh ok,

Maybe I'll give you a sneak preview.....

I LOVE it!!!!!

Thank you so much to Sarah at sarahndipities for the AMAZING pattern.

Dont forget to have a look at Tamis for more WIPs.

WIP Wednesday #13

Wahoo, I have another WIP!

Well several really but one new one which is the exciting bit.

In all the Christmas madness I managed to finish off my crocheted stars and turn them into a garland and start a new crochet project. But I'll post about the FO on Friday.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I spent Christmas day with the inlaws. His nephew is only 11 so still fun to be around. Then Christmas day was with my mum and yesterday with my dad. So today we're having a sofa day watching rubbish on telly and chilling out.

I'm quite enjoying this little foray into crocheting. I've played with Granny Squares but not actually made any complete projects so I'm super happy with my stars garland.

But these caught my eye: a Crocheted Heart Garland  and thought that a heart garland could be up all year, the stars are particularly Christmassy so will come down in a while. The tutorial is REALLY easy to follow and now I've got these:

Aren't they amazing? I love them.

And the pattern was so easy to follow I'm going to try a crocheted flower garland too.

But last night I also followed this ripple tutorial from the lovely Lucy at Attic 24. I've got some lovely yarn to make a blanket for my gorgeous God daughter and am hoping to follow this pattern. I think the ripples go together really well in this. I made up the sample piece last night out of the red I'm using for the hearts but pulled it apart before taking some photos. Silly me.

So I figured I'd make the ripple blanket first then if there is any left over yarn making the flowers to go with it.

Wouldnt that look fab in a little girl's bedroom?

So I'm successfully avoiding all the real work I have to do and making good progress on my knitting and crocheting. And our lovely friends are just about to pop over to watch a film so I might get a little of the baby blanket (that happens to be for them, I think I can say that now that the news is out) while the film is on.
I just cant sit still and do nothing!!

Anyway, Hope you've all recovered from the Christmas madness and are making progress with your projects. Pop over to tamis for some other WIP updates.

Friday, 23 December 2011

A FO, whether I like it or not!!!

ok, So I havent done as many of these as I'd hoped but here they are:

And this is why I havent done any more :(


Luckily it was just a free one from a magazine. I wonder if I'll be able to pick a new one up tomorrow, it was the only one I had in that size. :(

Pop over to Tamis for some more FO s. Hopefully a bit more productive than me :(

Or have a look at Wonder Why Gal's fiber arts friday links.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


I've sorted out the Guide Accounts!!! Hurrrah!!!

The money is all ready to be paid into the bank later. Thats a massive weight off my mind. I was waking up in the night panicking about it. Ridiculous I know but at 3am your mind plays silly games with you. I find that no matter how much I try to rationalise with myself and reassure myself that when I wake up later I really wont be that stressed about it and that in fact I actually need to get back to sleep in order that I'm fit to sort out said issue, it still makes me feel slightly sick and panicky. Please tell me I'm not alone!!!

And the best bit is that I've worked out that the unit owes me £93! What a great feeling to write yourself a cheque for that amount.

What with that and the £80 I found whilst tidying the spare room the other day I might treat myself to a little covert trip to the yarn shop. ;) But don't tell anyone.

Anyway, it's only one thing off the list so back to work I go. :(

Hope you're all making some progress with your lists.


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #12

There's not been a lot of knitting in my life over the last week.

I have SO much work to do that I just feel guilty every time I even look at my knitting needles :(

I've got planning to do, a 4000 word essay to write, the Guide unit accounts to sort and terms worth of Guide meetings to organise. The Christmas 'holidays' aren't really a holiday are they? They're just time off work to get stressed about, well, everything really. I'm not even hosting anyone or anything until New Years Eve. I'm at the In-laws on Christmas Day and then my mum's on Boxing day. How do people manage with kids?!?!?!

I spent pretty much all day cleaning the house yesterday. It was an avoidance tactic. Today hasn't been much better but at least I have all my presents now.

I read other people's blogs and just wonder how they fit it all in. :(

Maybe I need a career change.

Anyway, here is the extent of this weeks work.

These are my crocheted stars that are eventually going to form a garland. Clearly 2 isnt enough for a garland. Maybe I'll have enough by next Christmas!

It's from this tutorial on the Jelly Wares blog. Super easy to follow, even for a novice like me!

And this is the cowl I mentioned last week. All this wool comes from one ball. Crazy stuff.

I'm not sure it's going to make a very good cowl, there isnt enough wool to make it any wider and it will be so short it will have to be buttoned up. :( I'll see how it goes. Maybe it can be a birthday present for my mum. She'll appreciate it even if it's a bit rubbish coz thats what mums do. :)

I'm also still working on a top secret Christmas present for my friend Dr Lucy. I wont get it to her til the end of January so a FO post on them will have to wait til then :(

On the plus side, my photos are getting better. Must remember to keep my camera charged.

Pop over to Tamis for some more WIPs.

I hope everyone else is making lots of Christmassy progress.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Knitted Christmas fun!

I love the idea of this. I would love to go and see it. I have a few knitted and felt decorations on my tree but this is something else:

Sewn up for Christmas: volunteer Linda Beverley with the tree

Am off to a our Carol Service now. Am expecting to come back feeling all Christmassy (and a little bit stressed about the lack of presents I have for my amazing husband who, in fairness has everything and an amazing knack of buying me fantastic presents while he's left with a few measly DVDs and other pointless bits and bobs.  :(  )

Friday, 16 December 2011


but not of the knitted variety. Not a lot of knitted progress :(

Ive been playing with buttons instead.

And have made these......

And these.......

In fact, all these.....

I'm hoping Sarah can sell them in Stanley's stores for me.
I took them in to school for one of my lovely Teaching Assistants to choose one. She chose the bergundy one.

I also made these:


My lovely teaching assistant wants some to match her bracelet too.

So will try to get up to Stanley's stores at some point over the weekend to see what magic Sarah can do.

A productive few evenings I think. ;)

I used my camera for these photos and Blogger didnt irritatingly rotate them for me but I just cant get the hang of the stupid camera. It's just a simple point and shoot but the photos are always a little more blurry than I'd hope and the colours are never quite right. I can never work out if I need to flash or not. I'm thinking it means hubby needs to buy me a new camera for my birthday ;)  Surely I'm right?!?!?!?!?!?!

Have a look at some other FO's here.

Have a fab weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #11

Oooh I have some WIPs to share but Blogger wont let me upload the photos without rotating them. HOW FRUSTRATING!
I've tried rotating the photos first to compensate but it still messes them around. then once they are uploaded I cant rotate them again.
Has anyone else had this problem? Its driving me insane!

So here is a wonky photo of my WIP
I had a little (honest!) trip to my local Yarn shop Rainbow silks in Great Missenden at the weekend and found some amazing yarn.

This stuff is Romano Chunky by King Cole. Its amazing. There are 3 different types of yarn in one ball. I'm not really sure what they are so I tried to photograph them but it hasnt worked too well.

I will try to post some better photos but the camera is dead.

I'm trying to make a cowl. I'm not following a pattern so who knows how it will go - I'll let you know. I knitted almost the whole ball up on Friday but then frogged the whole lot as it was too wide and therefore wasnt going to be long enough. Watch this space......

But I also picked up some slightly nicer DK to crochet my red stars with. Havent got very far as you can see but this last week of term is just CRAZY.

My dad wanted to see us on Friday evening but by then I think I'll be fit for nothing but lying on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a straw!

Baby blanket #3 is still coming along well....... I lie. It's done nothing since last week.

BUT, I've just heard that ANOTHER good friend of mine is pregnant and without thinking I promised her a baby blanket too. (What was I thinking!?!?!) If I think about all the friends I have of child bearing age it almost makes my knitting needles melt!

My beautiful God daughter is being Christened in March. She has a beautiful dress but her mum said she needs a cardigan. Guess what.... I offered to make one. No pressure then!?!?!?!

Oh well.

At some point I need to write my 3 4000 word essays and teach 30 hours of one to one specialist Dyslexia lessons. Christmas is going to be busy :( I dont make life easy for myself do I?

Hope you're all well and enjoying the other WIPs

Monday, 12 December 2011

Kirstie's homemade christmas

Evening all.
Have just got in from my Guide unit end of term party. Playing musical statues and other silly party games with a load of screaming 10 - 14 year old girls isnt as easy as it sounds. I'm exhausted.
I think they had fun.

Anyway, I heard about this on the news this morning:

Back at ya: Kirstie defends herself on the micro-blogging site

I thought it was sad. Home made presents are lovely to receive and, although perhaps you can only give home made gifts to certain friends and relations, it's great making something for someone.

I didn't see Kirstie's Home made Christmas but why criticise people who are using their spare time productively.

Do you know what, I'm too exhausted to put my response into fully comprehensible sentences but suffice it to say that I thought it was more than a little ridiculous when I heard it this morning. Sad.

Will try to post a WIP on Wednesday but the last week before Christmas in a C of E school is more than a little busy.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #10

Hurrah I'm still here!
Trying to work more effectively and get more done in a shorter time. How long will that last??? I know, I'm mad for trying but if I want to fit in everything I want to do (knitting, my course, Guides, blogging) as well as the stuff I HAVE to do (housework, planning, marking, being a good wife) then I need to be more effective and productive in the time I have.

Setting myself up for a fall arent I?

Anyway, I have a few WIPs this week, but some are Xmas presents so can't really share them yet.

But have a look at this:

The baby blanket is coming along!!! No rush on it as the baby isnt due for a while but it's getting there!

And look at this:

I found the tutorial on this website and just had to have a go. The wool is cheap horrid stuff so am hoping to pick up some nicer stuff 2m and make a load and put them on a garland. How beautiful will that be?

It's only really my second venture into crocheting so if I could read the tutorial it must be a good one. I recommend it. Have a look!!!

Got to go, need to check what it is I'm teaching 2m.

Pop over to tamis for some other WIPs.

Have a good week

Saturday, 3 December 2011

An Aladdins cave of loveliness.

About a year ago while searching the internet for nearby cake supplies shops I stumbled upon a shop in a nearby village that sells cake cases and icing gadgets. 

Later in the year when discussing the fabness that is cupcakes a friend of mine had mentioned the shop and said she'd done a cupcake decorating class there.

I didnt make it there until last summer when we were driving thro the village to a pub we like for lunch. It had intrigued me and I just fancied a nose.

Little did I know what awaited me. Words can't really express the lovely, mainly pink, amazingness that you find in this shop. I can't do it justice so have a look at their facebook page and the photos that have recently been put up. It's full of handcrafted, well everything really, jewellery, soap, bags, cakes and more. And locally produced veg. There's just so much to look at I dont ever know where to start. I just love it in there.!/pages/Stanleys-store-bovingdon/182599068475886

It's called Stanley's Store and it's in the village of Bovingdon. Well worth a visit.

The BEST bit has to be the fairy garden out the back.

Just amazing.

But on this chance visit in the summer I saw that they made cupcakes to order for parties.

And what was I planning last summer? A wedding. So I ordered 70 of the beauties there and then. We chose pink and cream icing with bright pink heart sprinkles and glitter (they looked much nicer than they sounded!)

Sorry the photo is rubbish. A friend has better ones. I'll post them when I get them.

This is my sister and me stuffing our faces like the ladies we are. They were YUMMY!

Sarah who owns the shop is just lovely. One of those people who will talk to anyone and make them feel at home. She greets everyone as they come in.

While I was there she commented on the button earrings and bracelet I was wearing and when I told her I made them, said she thought she'd be able to sell some in her shop.

So today, months later, I finally got up there with some of the bracelets and earrings I'd made. (I needed to leave the house, cabin fever was KILLING me!) I also took what was left of the scarves I had from last winter that mum and I had made and 2 of the traphilo bags. She's going to see if they sell.

So fingers crossed. I'll let you know how I get on.

(Those photos are quite good arent they, should try that more often)

Speaking of photos, mum took some of the blanket before she left it at my Grandpa's. Again they're phone photos so I apologise but you get the idea.

The beady eyed amongst you will notice that it is the same as Baby Blanket version 1 in this post but this time it's blue. It came from this pattern:

It makes a LOVELY blanket but it got more than a little boring after a while.

I've also been making a little Christmas pressie for my beautiful Goddaughter. But I'll post that another day.

That's the most active I've been all week and am absolutely exhausted now. :( Might have a lie down. Happy weekend everyone.


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