Saturday, 24 September 2011

I'm still here.

Hi, just in case any of you were missing me I thought I'd check in.

Life has been a little crazy recently, term is well under way and my Specialist Dyslexia course has become completely overwhelming.  I'm not a quitter but I'm seriously tempted and not entirely sure what i'm doing.

I constantly feel guilty if I'm not doing school or couse work and have therefore not even seen my knitting needles for weeks. Those babies will have completely outgrown their presents before they even receive them :(

So I'm feeling a little overwhemled at the moment and the weekends are just too short.

I'll be back when and if it all calms down again.

Take care

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WIP Wednesday #8

School started again on Monday so I dont think I've touched my knitting needles since the weekend.

But all my projects are going really well but I've just realised I dont have any photos and as it's dark now I cant guarantee they'll come out very well.
Here goes:

This is the first sleeve for the baby cardigan.

But it was the second Sew Do It on Saturday and if you scroll down a bit you'll see my excitement about the event.

I went along with my lovely material and brought it home half finished. I forgot to take photos until now so here they are:

You might be able to see that the ends of the thread are all still loose and I havent finished the seam where i turned it inside out. But you get the idea.....

I sewed the seams to separate the sections in different stitches. My new sewing machine has 49 different stitches programmed into it. You just type in the number and off you go.....

Here it is open......

And here it is full of my lovely needles. Dont they look all snug?

All tucked in......

 And all wrapped up. It needs a tie.

I LOVE it. And there is loads of space left for all the needles I'm using at the moment too.

So that's this weeks WIP. It needs all the loose ends tied off but they will take me ages so it wont be a FO this week.

I need a holiday to finish all my projects. Oh, and somehow 13 balls of Cherry red Sirdar big softie and a pattern for a knee length cardigan arrived today. Cant possibly imagine how I managed to order them but now I've got them I'd better make the cardigan :)

Dont forget to check out the other WIPs at Tamis Amis.

Have a good week.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sew Do It

This Saturday is the second Sew Do It run by Clem Short and Ellie.
I've decided to make myself a knitting needle roll so have been to lady sew and sew in Marlow to get some fabric to make it from. 

This is the fabric goodness I found. I'm thinking cupcakes on the outside and blue lining.


I'm really excited about it.

These are just some of the needles I inherited from my grandma (and therefore also my Great Grandma). Her alzheimers is so bad she hasnt noticed they're gone but I'm sure she'd be glad they're being used and loved. There are a load of crochet hooks too but I think they're at my mums.

These are the ones we could pair up minus the ones I'm currently using - about 6 pairs. I  LOVE them and love wondering what they've made over the years - probably some baby clothes that I wore. Some of them must pre date WW2 and maybe even WW1 (but I think that's probably the tatty old steel ones that aren't in the photo).

So I'm going to make them one of those lovely rolls to keep them nice and cozy. :)

It's my last day of holidays tomorrow. I've got a fun filled day of cleaning the house followed off by some indulgent knitting. :)
(am not thinking about my course or any other negative influences in my life!)

Have a good weekend. xxx


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