Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday #7

Wednesday again!

I've made good progress on both my baby projects. The blanket is progressing nicely (if a little slowly) and the cardigan is nearly finished. I'm alternating between them both because i'm not really enjoying knitting with the Tiny Tots wool for the cardigan. It's not as nice as you would hope for baby wool.

But this blanket is LOVELY.

I really want to join in the one a day Knit along run by Carole at gingerbreadgirl and make a lovely granny ripple blanket but term starts again on Monday and the dyslexia course I mentioned a while back is going to keep me more than busy for the next few months. :( 
I have 3 2000 word essays to write which, although I know I cant spend everyday writing, is playing on my mind already and making me feel guilty for doing 'unimportant' stuff like knitting and crocheting. :( sad face. You know that guilt you get when you know you really should be doing something else.

So any other big projects will just have to wait til after Easter when the course is done.

Am also getting some negative vibes about the whole secret wedding which I should have expected but it's still a bit rotten (it was MY day afterall!) so feeling quite negative today. Sorry lovely blog peeps.

Dont forget to pop over to tamisamis to see some more WIPs.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I got SO much work done this afternoon (after going for a run this morning) and was feeling very wholesome and proud of myself and a little smug, that I stuck last nights Stenders on and was knitting away on the cardigan.

I was feeling quite happy.

But then I realised that there was some kind of black fluff intertwined with the pink wool that had created a grey sort of shading over the last 6 or so rows of the beautiful pink. AND, it was just as the pattern had got a little more complicated and the shaping for the raglan had begun.

I had no option other than to frog the last 6 rows and cut out the infected wool :( So sad :( So annoyed.

What a waste. I know 6 rows doesnt sound like lots but it was just taking shape. (and both my WIPs have imminent deadlines!)


Wasnt very impressed with the wool that I already dont like as its  not as soft as i'd have hoped for a baby cardigan. :(

Oh well, worse things happen at sea I suppose.

WIP Wednesday #6

Hooray, it's Wednesday again. And I have some WIPs to post about. :)

I havent made much progress on the pink baby cardigan I'm knitting. I've been a little busy with getting married and honeymooning. I've had an amzing few weeks. :) Scroll down if you havent seen the photos yet.

Here is the most recent photo. As you can see, not much change!

But I've started the baby blanket for my cousin's baby. He knows it's going to be a boy, hence the blue ;) I started it while I was away. Its amazing how much knitting you can get done on the Eurostar.

I'm pleased with it so far. Its a pattern I've used before so I know what I'm doing. Luckily. 

It's nearing the end of the summer holidays for me now and as my new hubby has gone back to work it's time to start preparing for the new year; lesson planning, preparing labels and displays etc etc. I hate it. Oh, and planning the next term's worth of activities for the guides.
So the knitting is a little reward for when I've got some work done :( I wonder how much I'll have managed by next Wednesday, or if I'll just have given up on the work and managed to achieve a few FOs ;)
Hope you're all having a good week. Don't forget to pop over to tamisamis to see some more WIPs.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Big News.

I have some news to share.

I got married last Friday, August 12th.

We kept it a secret for many reasons which hasnt made us too popular but that's what we did. We had an amazing day on the Friday with just 6 friends (Ellie and Dr Lucy were 2 of them!) and then had a party on the Saturday which we'd invited people to under false pretences.

We've been together nearly 7 years and engaged for 3 (pretty much to the day) so it was about time we got married.

But I knitted my bouquet. This is my other WIP that I've had going for a few weeks but obviously couldnt share it. I was desperate to post photos. So here is the finished product.....

Dr Lucy stuck the sprinkles from the table in the bouquet.

Ellie helped me make the little roses I'd knitted from a pattern in Knitted Flowers  into a bouquet. I wish I'd knitted the leaves too but I couldnt find a colour I liked so we bought silk ones instead.

But I can keep it forever. We did everything as cheaply as we could and I resented having to pay a fortune for flowers that would be dead in a week, so I knitted them. What else?

I had an AMAZING weekend. It was lovely. Friday was everything I'd hoped it would be. We've been to Paris for a few days since and have seen all the famous sights and eaten more than our own weight in cheese. It was really lovely. And I'm so happy. :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wrist warmers FO!

(Scroll down for the WIP post)

I wont get a chance to post this on Friday so I'm cheating and posting it now.

I'm so excited that I've finished the wrist warmers for the knitting challenge.
And here they are:

I love them. I almost want it to be cold so I can wear them.
Will definitely be making some more in better colours.

WIP Wednesday #5

Wednesday again???? Wow. Where does the time go?
I've been super busy doing all sorts of non work related things that I'll fill you in on later, but I have got a few WIPs to show you.

I've made a few of these. They are going to be Mug hugs like the one at the bottom of the second picture.

You can see more of that at this post.

I've also started a new project for my God daughter.
Its going to be this: 

but in pink. The yarn isnt actually as soft as it looks. I'm hoping it will be a bit nicer after it's been washed. But I have the yarn and the pattern so had better make it up while I have the time I suppose.

The pattern  is a lot harder than it looks but I'm coping so far. It's the first garment I've made so it's definitely a learning process.

Fingers crossed it turns out ok and that I get it finished before she grows out of it.

Dont forget to check out the other WIPs over at Tami's Amis.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Some FOs!!!

I'm so excited. Not only have I finished the wrist warmers - BOTH of them,  (I'll post photos soon but am off out to babysit the recipient of the footballer from this post if you remember) and something else I've been working on for a while that will have to wait for a while til it's revealed, But I've also decided what I'm going to knit for my cousin's baby.

They know it's a boy, he's due on the 20th of October. So I figured that it needs to be something basic or that they can save and use when he's a bit older.

But the recipients of the original Baby Blanket have told me several times that it's the perfect size so I'm going to make it again, in blue. The wool was just lovely and easy to work with (Sirdar Snuggly DK) so I figured I'd stick with what I know.  (I bought some Tiny Tots to make something else for my God daughter that I had the pattern for but was disappointed with the wool when it arrived so figured I'd stick with something soft and lovely).

Anyway, got to go, Sorry about the lack of photos but I'll post them ASAP.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WIP Wednesday #4

I am SO glad it is finally Wednesday again and I can share my WIP.

I finally decided what to do with the 'interesting' yarn from my knitting challenge.
I followed the pattern for toasty.
(Thank you SO much to 'A friend to knit with' for the AMAZING pattern.)

And came up with this:

which progressed to this:

and finally ended up with this:

I know the ends aren't sewn in yet but it is a WIP. Its also quite lonely at the moment as I got so excited about having made one that I was too exhausted to make the 2nd. It's only half finished. Maybe by Friday I will have a complete set to share as a FO!!!

The wool is crazy and there's only a vague pattern to it but I think the colours are perfect for playground duty.

The pattern was SUPER easy to follow, I realised that binding off was the same as casting
off and managed to pick up the stitches I needed to really easily. I love them. They are fab and have the potential to win our little knitting challenge, even if I do say so myself. I've emailed them to Dr Lucy and Dr Abbe (who are the other 'competitors') and the verdict was pretty good.

BUT. I made the mistake of going to my local yarn shop today. I was with my mum so didnt go too wild, but found some yarn that would make THE BEST 'toasty's ever.

It's by Colinette and its the Magenta colourway. I'm going to make myself some more toastys. They'll be a little more sophistocated than the neon ones. And Ellie has just been past and asked me to make some for her too. How exciting.

I also bought some of this:

It's called Bernat Mosaic and knits up into the most amazing rainbow effect so I might try a cowl with it. I'll let u know....

Dont forget to check out to see some more WIPs.


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