Friday, 27 April 2012

FO Friday

So, my last FO post was about the knitted cupcakes I made for my cupcake goddess friend Lisa. (I havent posted them to her yet because I'm a rubbish useless friend but they're hers none the less)

Another friend of mine saw the lovely cupcakes in progress and demanded (yes, demanded) that I make one for her too. i had to buy some different white wool as the stuff I'd used was cheap and horrid and a bit sticky - really hard to work with. And while I was in the local craft shop I saw some lovely bugle beads and thought they'd look like those little sugar strands on the top of the cake so grabbed a pack of pink ones.

And here is the finished result:

I've also got to the end of baby blanket version 3. It's not blocked yet but here it is:

Good job too as I've already cast on my next baby blanket for one due just 4 days after the recipient of blanket 3. So here comes blanket 4!

I've also knitted a birthday present for someone. It's in the post and I dont think they'll see this before it arrives but here it is: it's a tea cosy from book Tea cosies 2. (see the list of the right)

In other news you may have seen that I bought a bread maker a few weeks ago. The first loaf was a disaster (and we still havent managed to make any edible gluten free bread yet) but look at these:

Plain white

and walnut and olive. Yummy!

looks like him-indoors has got himself a new hobby :)

oh, and while I'm here, can anyone explain why my Picasa thing says its nearly full? do i have to upload photos on there? cant i just upload from my laptop? what will happen when it fills up? :(

I hope you're all making progress on your projects. 
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Friday, 6 April 2012

FO Friday!

It's been along time since I posted a FO. But here they are in all their glory!

I have a bit of a WIP too.
I bought a bread maker. Clearly there's a lot more work needed on it yet :(
Oh well. I'm sure the birds will enjoy it.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Knitting and Crochet blog week

The subjects have been released. Go and have a look.
I'm going to have to get a lot of my posts written before hand as I just wont have the time during the week. We're gearing up for 4 pretty intense weeks at work in the run up the the kids taking their SATS so no rest for me. Am expecting my knitting to grind to a complete halt.
Anyway, pop over to to have a look.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WIP Wednesday #23

Hurrray!! It's the holidays so I'm home early enough in the day to get a WIP post done.
AND I have a WIP! Double bargain!!

My Make a Month post further down shows the first cupcake I knitted for my fab friend Lisa but I'm halfway thro a second one (and considering doing a third) so here comes my WIP.

Maybe I'll be able to do a FO post on Friday! :)

I've even made some progress on the baby blanket!

More urgently, but perhaps less interesting, I've made massive progress on my course work. Still got about 90% to go but that 10% I've done is a step in the right direction!

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Make a Month - March

Ok ok, I know. It's late. but here is my Make a Month for March.

I figured that if I really was going to achieve a Make  a Month then I had to try some smaller projects.

I'm not sure if I ever posted about it, but about a year ago I received a rather bizarre anonymous parcel in the post. The envelope had been opened in the post (by accident I think) and the put into a plastic postage bag and sent on by Royal Mail. It was just a plain envelope with a book inside it.

This book in fact:

Knitted Cakes (Twenty to Make)

Obviously it was lovely to receive a present thro the post but it was really bizarre because there was no note in the envelope (it had fallen out when the envelope opened) and it was sent to my mum's house. I hadnt lived there for about 5 years by this point. So that narrowed it down to someone who knew I knitted but didn't have my new address and therefore wasn't one of the people who had sent me any birthday or Christmas cards. (A key bit of info believe it or not)

The other useful clue was that the envelope had been reused. It had a sticker over the name on the front and if you held it up to the light it said 'Colin'.

Luckily there is only one Colin we know - my uncle. You might think it a little strange that my aunt (my mum's sister) hadnt sent me any birthday or Christmas cards but she's a Jehovah's Witness so actually, it made sense that she would only have my mum's address.

So mum gave her a call and explained the mysterious package and the dishevelled state it had arrived it and guess what........ Hurrah! It was from her!!!

But I've never actually made any of the cakes from the book.

Until now!!!

One of the lovely ladies I worked with at my last school moved to Wiltshire a few years ago and has set up her own business making cupcakes. She was always an amazing baker when she lived nearer and it was a highlight of popping over to see her and her gorgeous boys. But now she's too far away to share her baked goodness with me anymore. :(

Have a look at her facebook page and like it. She's amazing. The designs she comes up with are pretty cool.

So guess what. I thought I'd knit her some cupcakes. I looked through to book and the cupcakes pattern called for some size 13 needles (2.25mm) and some size 10 dpns (3.25mm) but I didnt have any.

So I popped down to the Work Aid store (I'll have to post about that another day) and got the exact needles I needed for £1.50!!!!! yes, the exact needles i needed, a pair and a set of 4 dpns for £1.50!!!

Have a look here:

These are the beauties:

And here they are in action:

Can you guess what it is yet?? (hehehehe)

And here is the finished product:

I'm making another yellow one too but it's too dark to photograph it now.

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