Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sew Do It

This Saturday is the second Sew Do It run by Clem Short and Ellie.
I've decided to make myself a knitting needle roll so have been to lady sew and sew in Marlow to get some fabric to make it from. 

This is the fabric goodness I found. I'm thinking cupcakes on the outside and blue lining.


I'm really excited about it.

These are just some of the needles I inherited from my grandma (and therefore also my Great Grandma). Her alzheimers is so bad she hasnt noticed they're gone but I'm sure she'd be glad they're being used and loved. There are a load of crochet hooks too but I think they're at my mums.

These are the ones we could pair up minus the ones I'm currently using - about 6 pairs. I  LOVE them and love wondering what they've made over the years - probably some baby clothes that I wore. Some of them must pre date WW2 and maybe even WW1 (but I think that's probably the tatty old steel ones that aren't in the photo).

So I'm going to make them one of those lovely rolls to keep them nice and cozy. :)

It's my last day of holidays tomorrow. I've got a fun filled day of cleaning the house followed off by some indulgent knitting. :)
(am not thinking about my course or any other negative influences in my life!)

Have a good weekend. xxx


  1. I love that you use your Granny's needles. My Granny's went missing so I had to scour charity shops and eBay to find the exact bag and needles she used to have and make everything with them! It's all about retro crafting!

  2. I love the cupcake fabric. That is so great that you are using your grandma's needles. It would be sad for them to not be knitted with.



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