Sunday, 24 April 2011

I drink too much coffee

I couldnt believe how much knitting 'stuff' there was on the internet. I had bought a book with the needles but wasnt entirely sure I was doing what they said. So I Googled it.
There are so many You Tube videos about knitting, all the stitches and their variations that I was soon able to knit, purl, increase and decrease.

I bought some fluffy wool to make myself a scarf and worked for weeks on it but soon got bored.

I can't remember where the inspiration for these came from other than the inordinate amount of coffee my colleagues and I drink and the fact that it had hit minus temperatures but these were my next little project. 

I made up the patterns as I went. I'll try to write them one day and add them on here if I ever work out how.
I made the dark purple one for myself and my friend wanted a yellow one. I didnt think a completely yellow one would look so nice covered in coffee stains, hence the blue bits.

They were very popular at work and I got loads of requests but after 3 I was bored and onto my next project ....

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