Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday #7

Wednesday again!

I've made good progress on both my baby projects. The blanket is progressing nicely (if a little slowly) and the cardigan is nearly finished. I'm alternating between them both because i'm not really enjoying knitting with the Tiny Tots wool for the cardigan. It's not as nice as you would hope for baby wool.

But this blanket is LOVELY.

I really want to join in the one a day Knit along run by Carole at gingerbreadgirl and make a lovely granny ripple blanket but term starts again on Monday and the dyslexia course I mentioned a while back is going to keep me more than busy for the next few months. :( 
I have 3 2000 word essays to write which, although I know I cant spend everyday writing, is playing on my mind already and making me feel guilty for doing 'unimportant' stuff like knitting and crocheting. :( sad face. You know that guilt you get when you know you really should be doing something else.

So any other big projects will just have to wait til after Easter when the course is done.

Am also getting some negative vibes about the whole secret wedding which I should have expected but it's still a bit rotten (it was MY day afterall!) so feeling quite negative today. Sorry lovely blog peeps.

Dont forget to pop over to tamisamis to see some more WIPs.


  1. Don't give up on that wool yet, I've run across a few yarns that felt icky on the needles and then turned into a big pile of soft loveliness after a good dunk and block. It could totally happen. Sorry too about the negative reaction. I expect they meant to tell you that they love you very much and are sorry they didn't get to share your day, but that they wish you all the happiness in the world. I'm sure that's it!

  2. I can completely understand the draw of a secret wedding (speaking of which, congratulations!), so I'm sorry that you're getting bad attitudes from people about it. :(

    In a more positive vein, I really love that blanket, the texture looks perfect.

  3. Congratulations on your wedding. It really is supposed to be your day, contrary to what others may imply.

    Good luck finishing up your baby things. I think you are wise to know what you can take on right now and what things will have to wait.

  4. Been there, done that. With the tots yarn, not the secret wedding thing. Although, my Dad had my fiance convinced to just chuck the whole wedding thing and elope. He told Hubster he would give us $20,000.00 if he did. I guess he figured it would be cheaper than paying for the wedding! I guess the joke would have been on Dad since our wedding didn't cost near that amount. I guess we should have taken the deal. LOL! Happy Wedding to you!



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