Friday, 27 April 2012

FO Friday

So, my last FO post was about the knitted cupcakes I made for my cupcake goddess friend Lisa. (I havent posted them to her yet because I'm a rubbish useless friend but they're hers none the less)

Another friend of mine saw the lovely cupcakes in progress and demanded (yes, demanded) that I make one for her too. i had to buy some different white wool as the stuff I'd used was cheap and horrid and a bit sticky - really hard to work with. And while I was in the local craft shop I saw some lovely bugle beads and thought they'd look like those little sugar strands on the top of the cake so grabbed a pack of pink ones.

And here is the finished result:

I've also got to the end of baby blanket version 3. It's not blocked yet but here it is:

Good job too as I've already cast on my next baby blanket for one due just 4 days after the recipient of blanket 3. So here comes blanket 4!

I've also knitted a birthday present for someone. It's in the post and I dont think they'll see this before it arrives but here it is: it's a tea cosy from book Tea cosies 2. (see the list of the right)

In other news you may have seen that I bought a bread maker a few weeks ago. The first loaf was a disaster (and we still havent managed to make any edible gluten free bread yet) but look at these:

Plain white

and walnut and olive. Yummy!

looks like him-indoors has got himself a new hobby :)

oh, and while I'm here, can anyone explain why my Picasa thing says its nearly full? do i have to upload photos on there? cant i just upload from my laptop? what will happen when it fills up? :(

I hope you're all making progress on your projects. 
Pop over to Tamis to see some more FOs.


  1. I love that cupcake---I'd have demanded (or asked semi-politely and with Big Eyes) one, too! I'd also like to be invited round for the next batch of walnut-olive bread, please. ;) I'm glad you're becoming better friends with the bread maker.

    And that tea cozy is adorable.

  2. OMG I love the tea cosie! My sister would kill for that, so cute! I love the texture of the baby blanket too!



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