Friday, 5 October 2012

FO Friday!

WOW. it's been a while.

Actually it's been ages. 4 months actually since my last FO post.

And not just 4 months since my last FO post but 4 months since my last FO!!! Rubbish!!

But I'm back. I have a FO and will have another one soon. I finally finished off the baby blanket I started to take away with me.

Here it is..

It's not too big but it's small enough to post back to Canada to my fab friend and her beautiful baby.

I cant believe the way the stripes fitted the pattern so well. That is PURE chance.

I'm off to work on my WIP so that maybe I can have another FO sooner than I hope. I'll try to update you on my yellow ripple blanket soon too.

I'll also pop over to Tamis to see some other FOs.


  1. That's so pretty, I love the delicate colours.

  2. Wow, it does look like you planned the striping pattern. It looks like a fabulous gift.

  3. Yes, the striping is lovely..a perfect blanket!

  4. It's so gorgeous Nicky! You're such a clever bean :o)



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