Wednesday, 17 October 2012

WIP Wednesday #31

So, after last week's little reflection on the bounty of WIPs I seemed to have amassed, I've made quite a bit of progress this week on one of them.

The photo of it last week was upside down so it's not really easy to compare but I've worked from the thick yellow up. I'm quite impressed with myself. It's Sublime Bamboo & Pearls DK which feels amazing. But it's very strandy (is that a word?!?!) so if I dont hold the hook at exactly the right angle it snags lots and drives me slightly insane but I need to keep trying to remember that it will be worth it in the end because the blanket feels amazing.
I think that it will end up being about double this size so should be quite a nice size for a child's blanket.
I'm linking up with Tami, Ginny and Kristine again this week, pop over to see some other WIPs.
As part of Ginny's linky party, she also shares what she's reading at the moment. As my course is finished I'm free to do a bit of reading for fun again now so really should get Jubilee finished. It's written by a mum from school and every time I see her I feel bad that I haven't finished it and can't make intelligent conversation about her amazing first novel.
There's some other stuff I'm reading too at the moment but it's pretty dull and I'll fill you in soon.
Have a good week. I'm determined to get more blogging done. Watch this space.......


  1. Yummy ripply goodness!! Thank you for sharing and giving me enough of a dose of ripple to hold off on another for me for a bit longer! I have enough WIPs, lol!

  2. Always lots of WIP's going on for me....and more projects that I want to start!

  3. Lovely colours in your blanket. Good luck with finishng your WIPs!



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