Sunday, 11 November 2012

In the Christmas spirit

After Friday's little spark of creativity I felt inspired to make some more knitted Christmas decorations.

Last year I'd made some little stockings to hang on my tree.....

The patterns came from this GORGEOUS little booklet.

Christmas Special

And I decided I really fancied making these:

Mr & Mrs Frosty 

So I hooked out the white DK and got started.

In fact I got this far........

before it seemed really familiar. So I had a root through the stash of DK and found this......

OOOPS!!! what a fool!

(Can you see all the glitter on the floor from the bauble fun on Friday- housework is not my forte!)

But now I guess I'm halfway towards Mr & Mrs Frosty!

How exciting.

The only problem is that it's all on size 11 needles so it takes AGES to knit up.

I cant wait to get this bit off the needles tho because I've decided to make up 22 more of the little red stockings (as long as I can find enough of the same red to carry on with, that might be a bit of a problem. Slightly different reds would drive me INSANE!)  and put them onto a string of bunting to make into an advent garland. Then I figure I can fill it with chocolate that I like instead of the yucky chocolate you get in advent calendars!!!! :) method to my 22 stocking madness.

I wonder if I'll ever make one project from start to finish without being distracted by something suddenly far more interesting!

I'm hooking up with Handmade Monday today so pop over and see what everyone else is up to.

What Christmas crafting are you getting up to???


  1. I crocheted stockings in the same way last year. My children love them and I am sure they save me some money. How about mixing in some green wool if there is not enough red? Happy knitting :)

  2. I remember Jean Greenhowe's knitting booklets. There are some lovely things to knit. Keep knitting you'll get there!

  3. Have fun! These are very cute but like you say so time consuming! Good luck!

  4. I think it's quite nice to find something pre-made! Think of it as a time saver!

  5. Brilliant idea for an advent garland, the chocolate in those bought ones is horrid isn't it? How funny finding the half-finished snowman, have fun finishing his friend. x

  6. The snowmen are so cute. They remind me of the John Lewis'
    Christmas advert.

  7. love the snowmen (and snowlady!) with their rosy cheeks

  8. Your stockings are really sweet. Can't wait to see the finished snowmen they look lovely.
    Ali x

  9. So nice to see I'm not the only one who doesn't indulge in too much housework and who keeps starting and leaving things half done! I love the stockinigs and Mr & Mrs Frosty will look fab :-) Simmi x



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