Sunday, 25 November 2012

Handmade Monday

I am definitely gearing up for Christmas over here.

I couldnt find any more of the red I'd made those lovely little stockings out of so I had to grab a new ball of bright red DK. I just couldnt face getting halfway through my little project and running out.

So I had to finish Mrs Frosty's body to get her off my needles so that I could start on the stockings.
However, this means that she looks quite pathetic at the moment. :(

We've spent the weekend doing DIY. Who'd have thought that painting was SOOO boring.

So I've only got this far with the stocking advent calendar. :(
I think this little project isnt going to make it to FO status til next Christmas.

The first stocking is off the needles but it needs to be sewn up. 1 and a bit down, 22 and a lot to go. :(


Is anyone else makine Christmas decorations? Last year I made a garland of red stars using this tutorial. I can not recommend it highly enough and will definitely be making some more in the future.

I'm linking up up with Handmade Monday and I'll link up with Make Something Monday tomorrow when the link is up.


  1. My advice is to keep going with the stockings otherwise you will get to this time next year.... (or that was my thinking when I did something similar recently). I have to say I am inwardly chuffed to have my stockings all ready to be got out. what was that... have I got the fillings...well umm no!;) Have a good week :)

  2. well, if your first stocking is anything to go by then the finished calendar is going to be the cutest thing ever!! even if it isn't finished 'till next year... :) x

  3. My tip is to have more than one set of needles of the same size so you can chop and change at will! It's so annoying when the wool you want can no longer be sourced, been there!

  4. Very sweet stocking - keep going will them, you will be so proud of yourself when you have finished. x

  5. Good luck with the stockings! There will be a massive sense of achievement when they're all done, and it will be lovely to get them out every year x

  6. Keep on with the stockings, it will be great to see them in all their glory next year. I'm making lots of decorations at the moment :) as for DIY, I am one of the few that enjoy decorating and enjoy painting.

    Jan x

  7. What dedication! Just think how quick you will be by the time you get to the last one! Thanks for the link to the star tutorial.
    Wendy x



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