Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Exciting news!!!!

The baby has arrived!!!
The baby I was knitting the baby blanket for has arrived. She is a BEAUTIFUL baby girl called Evie and I've been asked to be God Mother!!!!! :) I am so excited and chuffed. I keep thinking about all the lovely things I can make for her. :)))))  (and all the mischief we can get up to! :))

On top of that excitement (although nothing could match that!) it's Dr Lucy's 30th Birthday today. We're 'celebrating' by going on guide camp. Actually, the camp is nothing to do with Lucy's birthday. But thats where we're going this weekend. It's the best weekend of the year with my bestest friend and I love it.

So I'm a pretty happy bunny right now. :)

I wont think about the fact that 'him indoors' is off on a business trip for 10 days at the weekend :(

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