Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday #22

I feel a little like I've neglected my Blog recently. I'm not really feeling the Blog love. Not for mine anyway, I'm still popping in to see what everyone else is up to. But I've just been super tired and not had a lot of blogging or knitting time.

I bought some new wool last week. I have a plan for the wool which is unusual for me. I'll try to take some photos at the weekend in the day light. But it's going to make a pink and red ripple blanket for my gorgeous God daughter.

A little progress has been made on the baby blanket. I've done a bit of sitting around for appointments so pulled my knitting out and got on with it. That's the joy of circulars, I can squash the project into a small Cath Kidston cosmetic bag and then chuck it in my hand bag. I love the convenience.

I must admit I've had a little chuckle to myself when I've been sitting in the waiting room with a few old ladies and I, at the grand old age of 32, pull out my knitting. I've got a few envious looks and comments about how they used to knit. I enjoyed challenging the stereotype of knitting being something 'old' people do.

Ooooh, and I've just realised. I inherited Hubby's Ipad 1 at the weekend when he treated himself to a new 3. So I downloaded a book onto it just to see how I got on with it.
I chose Before I Go To Sleep   I heard it being reviewed on the Radio 2 Book Club (Knitting and radio 2, How old!!?!?!?!)  and fancied it. So I'll let you know how I get on.  

I'm linking up with Tami, Ginny and Kristine again.
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  1. Nothing better than a hand knit baby blanket. :-)

  2. Love the story about the knitting in public, ha ha! The blanket is beautiful :)

  3. Very cute blanket! Bringing knitting with me here and there makes me less impatient in waiting rooms and down times.

    Congrats on the iPad aquisition!

  4. I love to take knitting with me everywhere I go. Your blanket is looking really great!

  5. I also love the ease of circulars. You know you might switch out the colors or design in your blog. Sometimes making things fresher, new/different gives you a boost. Red and pink the sound of that.

  6. Thanks for your comments over on my blog recently. Your last one really made me think about how my blog doesn't really reflect my real life! Still it's good to focus on the positive. I haven't been brave enough to knit or crochet in public yet... good on you!

  7. I was just thinking about you, and wondering how you're doing over there. Thanks for the update. Yay for new toys, especially when they're perfectly good hand me downs. Enjoy!

  8. Love the basket weave. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday.

  9. Oooh I've just started reading "before I go to sleep" I just bought it randomly because it sounded interesting...actually it reminds me of the film "50 first dates" haha

    I love being able to challenge the stereotype too. I remember turning up to a physio appointment when I was pregnant and getting out my crochet. Every old woman and nurse that passed me, stopped to see what I was doing and comment on it (positive comments) it was lovely.

    Your baby blanket looks lovely. I'll have to try basket weave one day.

  10. Love the basket stitch your following on your knit...I recently used this stitch for some of my can see them on my blog if you pop over and have a look.

    I've always found it strange how people seem to be so reverse ageist when it comes to knitting ... i've only got a few grey hairs and all my own teeth but for some reason I'm far too young to enjoy knitting...what's going on!!!

    Fleur xx



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