Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Did anyone else see Sunday Brunch?
If you used to watch Something For The Weekend on BBC2 and have wondered where it's gone, tune into channel 4 this Sunday to see Sunday Brunch. SFTW got axed a few weeks ago and was bought up by Channel 4.

They've kept a lot of the format the same (except Louise Redknapp - did anyone else find her really irritating?!?!). It involves a lot of chatting and food and is presented by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer. (ahhhhh Tim Lovejoy) but they've added a trend round-up. Now, in fairness, I found this section quite cringey. I have NEVER been a trend follower. (When I started secondary school I earnt the most respect I've ever had by being the ONLY girl in the ENTIRE year group not to try out for the netball team. When Friends was 'the next big thing to come out of the States' I refused to be dragged in. I staunchly REFUSE to pay through the nose for a pair of Uggs. See what I'm saying!?!?!) So when they said that drinking wine from a tea cup was 'on trend' I felt myself shaking my head in disapproval.

However, then the presenter (cant remember her name, or even what she looked like really) said that knitting was really 'on trend' too. Apparently all sorts of celebrities have been spotted knitting.

And that has made knitting 'on trend'. I think thats the new word for 'fashionable' but I'm not 'on trend' enough to be too sure.

Then, when the sequence was finished, the presenter was asked if she would be knitting tonight.

Her response?  'of course, it's on trend.'

Now, call me, well, call me whatever really. But is that the point? Is that why you knit? Do you knit just to be 'on trend'? Because it's definitely not why I do it.

I was originally taught to knit by my grandma when I was about 10 but never carried on so quickly forgot. Then just over 2 years ago I found myself suddenly single and living on my own. I can't remember the exact thought process - most of that short torrid time has been blocked from my memory as only we women can - but I was snowed in and bored. So I traipsed to the local yarn shop and bought a set of needles and a discounted ball of 4 ply and this book:

and with the help of some youtube videos (there are only so many times you can ring your mum and ask her to describe how to 'skpo' without a video phone), I taught myself to knit again. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. My knitting has grown and grown, all be it slowly round my full time job. But I LOVE it.

And that's why I knit. Not because it's 'on trend' and therefore cool to be doing what the celebrities do. (If anything, my anti-trend-ness should surely make me anti knitting). But I really enjoy it. I find it relaxing, I can do other stuff at the same time and I love the finished products. I LOVE KNITTING.

So what I'm wondering is....why do you knit? (not that I can think of a better reason than pure enjoyment)

Who taught you?

And did you know you were so 'on trend'???

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  1. I'm with you!! I learned because my friend taught it would have been a great stress-buster for me and it is. I love it, not because it's "on trend" but because it's soothing and I love the fact that I can create something usable, something lovable out of yarn and sticks.

  2. I never saw knitting as a trend, but something productive to do with my hands. I always tended the fidget and knitting would quiet me down. And, of course, I get to make some thing useful and beautiful. A great bonus!

  3. I learned from Grandma, too! But it didn't take, and I learned again for reals when I tested instructions for a knitting book my company was publishing. Also, those pics are too funny! It looks like SJP is the only one who actually knows what she's doing. Thanks for the fun post, missy!

  4. I was taught to crochet 2 years ago by my aunt "just for fun", she showed me a basic granny square and then I found the rest on youtube...I do it to make clothes/toys for my kids and gift for friends and family. I'm glad it's on trend now though as my friends have stopped looking at me weird when I pull out my projects at playgroup!!

  5. hear hear!

    I've never knitted for 'trendy' reasons, I knit because I love it and I can't remember when I couldn't (I learnt when I was 6!)

    Though I suppose I might not get as many funny looks when I pull out my knitting if it's on trend.

    Fleur xx

  6. Knitting is on my "learn to do" list. I did teach myself to crochet and sew... so there is hope!

    I followed you here from FrontierDreams. This week, my craftiness led to a mama-made dress for BabySister due in early July. http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/03/squirrelys-nutty-brown-owl-dress.html



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