Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIP Wednesday #22 - sort of.

My WIP is very boring this week. See while most of you have been at home busily uploading your lovely pictures and reading eachother's blogs I've been stuck at work doing parents evening and have only just got home.
I'm too brain dead and generally exhausted to do much else than say 'feel sorry for me' do a sad face ...:( and go to bed.
Night all.
Will catch up on your WIPs at some point.


But if you want to look st some lovely yarns goodness go here:


  1. Ah poor you. I think it is possible to write posts in advance and set them to post on a certain day but I haven't worked out how to do it yet!

  2. Don't worry...some weeks progress goes out of the window!

    I was hoping to get much more done this week, and juggling family life I haven't got anywhere near what I wanted finished.

    If you get time pop over to my blog .... and listen to my stories of slow progress!!

    Fleur xx

  3. HI there! I heard you started out well with the walking. :D How did it go last week? You want to send me a report? Waiting for you dear... Xxx Annette :D



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