Sunday, 15 July 2012

I found it!!!

Look, here it is.

It's been hiding behind those clouds all the time.

I think it was feeling a bit shy at first but within a few minutes it was almost back to it's full July glory.

Sorry about all the smears. I guess they're just showing up my inability to keep my house clean.
I'll try again in a mo as the sun is beaming through  those horrid clouds now.

And I've been crocheting up my own little ray of sunshine.

It's a ripple blanket for my gorgeous Goddaughter who I babysat on Friday. It was the first time we'd been left on our own so I was half expecting her to scream the house down but she was an absolute angel and fell asleep just after mummy and daddy had gone out. Bless her. Left me in peace and quiet to get some work done on her blanket.

I've made it a lot wider than my pink one and am only using 6 different shade sso I'm not sure how far I'll get as I only have 1 ball of each at the moment. Now, I could just order more of each but..........

Last weekend I learnt the hard way not to leave your crocheting on the floor near a glass of wine. Luckily it was white not red but the labels got soggy when I tried to rinse off the yarn and all fell off so I havent got a clue which label applies to which ball. Oh well. Will just have to see how I get on. (and hope that I can work it out from the website I used if I need to re-order!)

Thank you all for your positive vibes last week. Glad I wasnt the only one wallowing.

In other news -

  • The baby that blanket 3 was for FINALLY arrived yesterday, 2 weeks late and after a LONG labour. Poor mummy.
  • Hubby is back on Tuesday and
  • School finishes on Friday (which basically means I have 3 weeks left to get my essays done :( but at least there are no more 6am alarm calls. )

So this week has has definitely been a lot better than the last.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly once the holidays arrive.

I'm linking up with Handmade Mondays again. Pop over for a sneeky peek.


  1. The blanket is looking lovely. My little granddaughter fell asleep on me on Friday night while her Mummy was putting the travel cot up! So sweet, I didn't want to put her to bed! x

  2. The blanket looks like it will be lovely. My sister in law gave birth to her baby daughter just yesterday, I don't crochet, but I'm going to be making some appliques for a baby blanket for her to take when we visit in a couple of weeks. I made one for her older brother and was delighted to find out that he refused to sleep without it, and used to get upset when it went in the washing machine- though apparently the little sweetheart offered it to his new baby sister!

  3. I really admire people who can knit ! You need to have so much patience and your blanket looks lovely.

  4. Love the colours of that blanket. What is this sun geezer everyone is talking about? not heard of him before, lol

  5. Wow, sunshine. Amazing - thought it had gone for good. I love your crochet work, very sunny colours and I bet it will look beautiful when you have finished it. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I love your ray of sunshine - such lovely bright colours. Will cheer anyone up on the darkest of days!

  7. Thanks for bringing us some sunshine. The colours in your ripple blanket are beautiful. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  8. Love the baby blanket,it's a ray of sunshine!

  9. That blanket is just what's needed to brighten up these gloomy weather days.

    Think you may have to make a new "Don't drink and crochet" rule :-D

  10. There it is!
    Hope you enjoyed the little bit of sunshine we had. The blanket is lovely nice and summery :)

  11. The blanket is really beautiful, I love the colours. I'm glad you are feeling lots better.

    Jan x

  12. Love your sunshiney crochet. Lets hope the real thing will hang around for a while now!



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