Wednesday, 12 December 2012

WIP Wednesday #32

So Christmas is in full flow now. Life is crazy.

Cupcake decorating with the Guides, Carol service rehearsals, Christmas bazaars, ordering presents, time off work ill, decorating trees, School discos, staff nights out, (I'm due my 3rd Christmas dinner next week) etc etc etc

And as usual, I've managed to find myself half way through SEVERAL projects. Only a few of which face any realistic chances of actually getting finished anywhere near this side of Christmas.

But I'm enjoying them so does it really matter? Who will even notice? I know him indoors would rather I didnt finish some of my decoration projects. He'd be glad if there were no more woolen or felt decorations. But that doesn't stop me. :)

The stocking advent calendar is making SLOW progress:

I've been distracted by this AMAZING tutorial for gorgeous itsy bitsy snowflakes. They are SO quick and easy to put together. I've decided that our front window needs a garland of them all the way across it with the snowflakes hanging down at different lengths from the garland.

But these are the cupcakes I made with my guide unit on Monday at Stanley's Store. I've mentioned this aladin's cave of wonder before as Sarah has stocked some of my bracelets and earrings. Arent they fab? The Guides LOVED it. It was their Christmas treat.

I've been busy busy. But pop over to Tami's ,  Kristine's or Ginny's to see some other WIPs.


  1. The snowflakes look great but those cupcakes look so yummy!!!

  2. OmNOMNOM. Those cupcakes are spectacular! Did they taste as good as they look?



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