Sunday, 10 July 2011

Birthday fun

Last week it was Dr Lucy's birthday so a mutual friend of ours (also a Dr but a Dr of chemistry type stuff that she cant really explain) Dr Abbe booked us a surprise cupcake decorating class. Lucy suspected that it was craft related and thought we were learning to knit or crochet but was equally delighted to find out that she was going to be getting her fingers on some sweet, sticky goodness.

We spent 2 hours learning how to use sugar paste, fontant and buttercream and here are the results:

Fondant flowers and stars

Sugar paste butterflies and fondant roses

 My creations.

Dr Abbe's creations.

Dr  Lucy's creations.

Needless to say, after spending all afternoon slaving over them and then carrying them through the underground on a hot July day we didnt really fancy eating them.

But after cup cake fun we headed to Victoria for some well earned Pimms then to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Billy Elliott. I LOVED it.

It was a REALLY fab day with 2 really fab people.
Thanks guys. xxxx

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