Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WIP Wednesday #2

Ok, so the WIP from 2 weeks ago hasnt become a FO yet. The end of term is just crazy.

I havent had much time to get anythign done but when I did get back to the hooks, I decided that the black was a bit too much and have removed it.

I used my camera for these photos, not my phone, but they still arent really representing the colours too well. the green is a much lighter colour and you cant really see the difference between the blue and the purple. I'll keep trying with the photography.

But I'm much happier with the colours.

Who knows when it will be finished. I can only imagine.

Have a look at Tamis amis for some more WIPs. (They're much more pro than mine and might actually become FO's this millennium)

Edited to say: I suppose I should add the 'before' photo.

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