Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WIP Wednesday #21

There's not really much to update you on. The baby blanket has made a few rows worth of progress and the ripple blanket hasnt been touched for a few weeks.

But there is this..........

I bought some Daffodils yesterday.
This is yesterday:

And this is today:

Please ignore the dozens of StarWars figures in the background. :(

Dont forget to have a sneaky peak at all the other WIPs.  


  1. LOL! I was just going to ask what were those things on the bookcase. Cute bracelet.

  2. Love the button bracelets! And love the Star Wars figurines. The joys of married life, right? ;) I think I missed answering this before, but the swap was held on the Blog Hub group on Ravelry. You should get in on the next one -- it was super fun!

    1. Ah thanks. I should do. your gifts were fab. I havent had a chance to read the posts about the gifts you sent yet, will have a look when I get a minute.
      I guess there were certain rules so that it was pretty fair. I'm a bit rubbish with sending gifts tho, even to my friends. I just can never get to the post office. :(
      Yes, the start ward figures came with the husband! ;)

  3. I love your button bracelets! so clever and pretty!

  4. That is a really good use for buttons. I have far to many to ever use efficiently. Plus I love bright and primary colors.



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