Tuesday, 8 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 2/52

This week has seen some changes round here.
I started back at work yesterday and my hubby is in Hong Kong again on business. :(

But I seem to have nearly failed at just the second Week of Happy.

I have completely failed to take any photos at all during the week and have just had to rush round talking these photos in rubbish light. I think I need to charge up my little digital compact and carry that around with me all the time instead of relying on the SLR that is just completly impractical for everyday lugging about.

I can TELL you about 4 things that have made me happy but I dont have 4 photos. FAIL!!!

1. Lovely friends offering to cook me dinner while my hubby is away so that I dont have to eat these all week:

2. Clearing out the spare room.
(yes, that is a dinosaur eating a Stormtrooper)

3. Treating myself to a haircut, eyebrow wax and getting the car cleaned (it's the little things)
(I dont have a photo of this, but really, do you need to see any of these???)

4. This gorgeous little earring stand was made by my dad's best bud. A bespoke piece made specially for me. I LOVE it.

(I'm also a little happier with my photos thanks to Jacquie's post. Still a long way to go tho!)

I hope you have all had 4 moment of happy this week

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  1. Nice friends to fix you dinner so you'll eat better and not be lonely while doing so. Late getting on board with the Love your Library meme...but am on board now with post up.


    sorry didn't see a way to leave name and url in your siganture area thus am leaving the url so you can do a cut and paste.



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