Friday, 4 January 2013

FO Friday

ok ok ok, I finished these too late for Christmas but they are a FO nonetheless and as my FO posts are so rare I wanted to include them somewhere. They took a lot of time and I'm quite proud of them so here they are........

They are just simple shapes cut out of felt using my Lakeland cookie cutters as templates with buttons and ribbon sewn on them then sewn together using blanket stitch and stuffed with polyester toy stuffing. Simple but effective I think.
I made 4 of the larger hearts and 2 of the smaller ones and 2 more Christmas trees to add to the collection I made last year (or perhaps the year before?!?!) If you look closely to the picture above you can just make out the 6 hearts (last year's are hanging on some twigs elsewhere) and the 3 trees. There are also 2 gingerbread people and a snowman from last year and a gorgeous little elf that my colleague gave me for Christmas and a crocheted santa that I got as my Secret Santa present at work this year. Lots of lovely handcrafted goodness on the Christmas tree in the Norman household. :)

Dont forget to pop over to Tami's to catch up with some other (maybe slightly more relevant to January) FOs.


  1. SO cute! It would never occur to me to use cookie cutters for that, but it's brilliant! Hope you're well, and that you got my note. If it didn't work, we may have to resort to carrier pigeon to communicate. ;) Happy weekend!

  2. The ornaments are great! Handcrafted Christmas ornaments are the best.

  3. Oh, my goodness! These might be the most adorable little ornaments I've seen floating around the blog universe! You have good right to be proud of them!

  4. Very cute! I like them a lot. Perhaps this will be a giveaway next year to my coworkers.



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