Friday, 25 January 2013

FO Friday.

I actually have 2 FOs. One from this week and one from a while back but I never got it photographed and blogged so I might save that one for another day.

You might remember that in the dim and distant past I started on a Wingspan. You can find it here with the yarn info (luckily as I've now lost the band :( ).

Well, I finally got it finished. Purely because I needed the needle it was on to start another project. (wouldn't that stop startitis??? if you only had one set of needles for everything you knitted??? you'd HAVE to finish each project before you started another one....... if only!)

And this is the result.

The bottom 2 show the actually colours more accurately but I included the top one too as it's a brighter picture.

I'm really quite pleased with it. I think I mentioned this before but I'm considering frogging the socks I started EVEN LONGER ago and making a red one too.
You know what, I've just looked, I havent blogged about the socks, and therefore not worked on them, since JUNE 2011!!!! they need to be frogged! I dont really fancy knitting socks anyway and am FAR more likely to use a scarf than socks....... I see their fate is sealed! Bye bye socks.

Pop over to Tamis to see lots of other lovely yarny FOs. And pop back here next Friday as I'll try to post about my other FO and I might have even finished my Elephant (all the knitting is done, it's just the stitching together that needs to be done now, eugh isnt that BORING???)

Have a fab weekend everyone.


  1. Beautiful! I am working on my Wingspan as I read blogs. Mine is a warm range of colors. There really is no bad Wingspan!

  2. Your Wingspan is lovely and after seeing yours and the one on the Cloudberry blog... I'm going to make one also. The Lang-Tosca-Light yarn that you used is beautiful. Very nice !

  3. Beautiful! Love the blue-green colourway. I know what you mean about sock knitting...I have been working on the same pair since 2011 too! Knitting and wearing shawls is much more appealing.



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