Saturday, 2 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 5/52

Gosh another week already.

I have been super busy at work this week and hubby has been away on business AGAIN. :(

But he's home again now! :)

Here are my 4 moments of Happy for the 52 Weeks of Happy post this week.

1. The first came last weekend. Hubby and I went into town to discover that the local produce market was on so bought a load of meat from the local farm annd some bread from the bakery so I treated myself to one of these beauties......... a custard slice!!! YUMMY!! (and yes I was halfway through before I thought to take a photo! )

2. Hubby came home AGAIN. and isn't going anywhere til now til July!

3. This little beauty was finished this week:

4. Date Night with Hubby tonight. We RARELY go out for dinner so I figured that as he'd been away we should make an effort. And as stuffed and immobile as I now am, I'm really pleased we went. It was lovely to be away from the TV, laptops, iPads and knitting and to just chat about everything and nothing.

Hope you've had some moments of happy too. xxx

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