Saturday, 2 February 2013

Love your Library- January/ FO Friday

Ooops. I'd forgotten about this thread. The end of January has really crept up on me.

I dont have a huge number of knitting books and patterns. (I know someone who would say that I have too many but that simply ISN'T true!)

My Love your Library project for January came from this book:

I decided to make an elephant for my baby. To be honest I finished the knitting weeks ago and started to stitch him together. That was when I realised how much I hate the stitching part........ and the elephant project ground to a rather pathetic halt. He has spent the last few weeks looking like this.  How sad. I'm ashamed of myself.

So when I realised that January was over and that I really needed to get Nelly finished.

and here he/she is.........

I'm really pleased with it. I'm actually surprised at how like the pictures in the book it has turned out. Crazy I know but I am.
AND..... it's the first bit of knitting that Hubby has really shown an interest in. I think because it's for his baby and now just another scarf or something to clutter up the house.  So success all round ! :)
So I guess that's January's project done :)

I know what February's will be...... but watch this space.
I'll post about February's project as soon as possible. But pop over to snapdragoncrafts to see the other Love your Library posts.
I'm also linking up with Tami's FO post a day late but hey....


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