Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday #34

As usual I've got a few WIPs at the moment. (mainly clearing out the spare room but more about that tomorrow!)  I'm still working on my pram blanket for the baby (well, when I say working on, I mean that it's here, on the needles still, waiting patiently for me to pick it up and feel sorry for it, know what I mean?)

But the baby carry bag that I'm knitting is making progress. (more info here)

And I've got another WIP in my head (does that count???)

I've adored a few granny square blankets from a distance for a while now but not managed to find a pattern that starts with a circle that I've felt was easy enough to follow....... Until the WONDERFUL Victoria from Yarnroundhook replied to a question i posted on her blog about the beautiful Spring Blanket she has been working on.

So now I have a pattern I just need to finalise the colours I'm going to use. I bought one of the Stylecraft colour packs a while back so am contemplating using all the colours in as random a way as possible, or just a few of them. I also bought a set of colours very similar to Victoria's Spring blanket and Cocorosetextiles Evening sun blanket BUT........ in the clearing out process we've been working on this week (come back tomorrow for a 52 Weeks of Happy post about it) I think that hubby has put it in the loft and I darent ask him to hunt it out and get it down for me! hmmmmm decisions decisions.

Am linking up with the usual Wednesday parties. Pop over to have a look at some other WIPs.

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