Sunday, 24 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy #8/52

So this week has mainly involved clearing out and getting ready.

Hubby and I had the week off and we spent it (trying to) chill right out and preparing the spare room (difficult to manage BOTH! It seemed we could have one or the other at a time but they didnt happen simultaneously). We have got rid of SO much stuff I've lost track of what we've kept and what has gone. If he had his way a LOT more stuff would have been culled but part of me has to keep hold of it. I've found all sorts of random things in the clear out, 21st birthday cards, 'good luck in your year out' cards, 'congratulations on graduating' cards, 'thank you for teaching me' cards, soft toys from children I've taught, board games, jigsaw puzzles. All sorts of stuff. And most of it has gone. Our house is tiny and as babies come with more than their fair share of 'stuff' we have to make room for it all.

So it's gone.

Therefore my 4 things relate closely to this difficult and stressful process.

1. a cleared room!

2. a freshly painted ceiling (the people before had had it plastered but not painted it properly so the paint had peeled. What a pain.)

3. a new cot - an eBay bargain that turns into a toddler bed when they're big enough.

4. a tidied up blog! I decided that the pink was making me feel a bit yucky and lots of other blogs have gone for the white background recently so I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon!

I'm sorry there are no photos. I'm like a beached whale on the sofa already and just dreading the next few months. :(

Maybe more photos in the future.

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