Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I got SO much work done this afternoon (after going for a run this morning) and was feeling very wholesome and proud of myself and a little smug, that I stuck last nights Stenders on and was knitting away on the cardigan.

I was feeling quite happy.

But then I realised that there was some kind of black fluff intertwined with the pink wool that had created a grey sort of shading over the last 6 or so rows of the beautiful pink. AND, it was just as the pattern had got a little more complicated and the shaping for the raglan had begun.

I had no option other than to frog the last 6 rows and cut out the infected wool :( So sad :( So annoyed.

What a waste. I know 6 rows doesnt sound like lots but it was just taking shape. (and both my WIPs have imminent deadlines!)


Wasnt very impressed with the wool that I already dont like as its  not as soft as i'd have hoped for a baby cardigan. :(

Oh well, worse things happen at sea I suppose.


  1. Argh! I would be really annoyed too if I had to take my knitting down, especially given that it wasn't because you had mucked up.
    Yep, the needles are free ones. I save them up to use at shows to pop in my needle rolls but were the only 4mm I could find when I started the cardigan. They are funkY!



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