Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday #6

Hooray, it's Wednesday again. And I have some WIPs to post about. :)

I havent made much progress on the pink baby cardigan I'm knitting. I've been a little busy with getting married and honeymooning. I've had an amzing few weeks. :) Scroll down if you havent seen the photos yet.

Here is the most recent photo. As you can see, not much change!

But I've started the baby blanket for my cousin's baby. He knows it's going to be a boy, hence the blue ;) I started it while I was away. Its amazing how much knitting you can get done on the Eurostar.

I'm pleased with it so far. Its a pattern I've used before so I know what I'm doing. Luckily. 

It's nearing the end of the summer holidays for me now and as my new hubby has gone back to work it's time to start preparing for the new year; lesson planning, preparing labels and displays etc etc. I hate it. Oh, and planning the next term's worth of activities for the guides.
So the knitting is a little reward for when I've got some work done :( I wonder how much I'll have managed by next Wednesday, or if I'll just have given up on the work and managed to achieve a few FOs ;)
Hope you're all having a good week. Don't forget to pop over to tamisamis to see some more WIPs.


  1. What a beautiful blue :) Love the pattern

  2. I was going to say something about your cute baby blanket, but whatever that was has been totally eclipsed by HOLY CRAP -- YOU GOT MARRIED! CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay for Happily Ever After!

  3. Thanks Paula, i told you we'd sorted things out ;)
    Has been a contentious issue but was the BEST day ever!



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