Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WIP Wednesday #4

I am SO glad it is finally Wednesday again and I can share my WIP.

I finally decided what to do with the 'interesting' yarn from my knitting challenge.
I followed the pattern for toasty.
(Thank you SO much to 'A friend to knit with' for the AMAZING pattern.)

And came up with this:

which progressed to this:

and finally ended up with this:

I know the ends aren't sewn in yet but it is a WIP. Its also quite lonely at the moment as I got so excited about having made one that I was too exhausted to make the 2nd. It's only half finished. Maybe by Friday I will have a complete set to share as a FO!!!

The wool is crazy and there's only a vague pattern to it but I think the colours are perfect for playground duty.

The pattern was SUPER easy to follow, I realised that binding off was the same as casting
off and managed to pick up the stitches I needed to really easily. I love them. They are fab and have the potential to win our little knitting challenge, even if I do say so myself. I've emailed them to Dr Lucy and Dr Abbe (who are the other 'competitors') and the verdict was pretty good.

BUT. I made the mistake of going to my local yarn shop today. I was with my mum so didnt go too wild, but found some yarn that would make THE BEST 'toasty's ever.

It's by Colinette and its the Magenta colourway. I'm going to make myself some more toastys. They'll be a little more sophistocated than the neon ones. And Ellie has just been past and asked me to make some for her too. How exciting.

I also bought some of this:

It's called Bernat Mosaic and knits up into the most amazing rainbow effect so I might try a cowl with it. I'll let u know....

Dont forget to check out to see some more WIPs.


  1. Those fingerless gloves are eye-openers alright. The new yarn looks yummy, especially that magenta Colinette!

  2. The candy-brightness of those armwarmers definitely say "playground" to me, I like them!

    I love the pink you bought for another pair, too, what nice berry hues.

  3. LOL you do like your colors bright :)

  4. yummy yarns!!! I love the mosaic- I can just imagine the cowl! It will be awesome!

  5. I love the armwarmers - they're just so bright and fun! The other yarn you purchased is gorgeous too, and I can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  6. The Mosaic looks really fun. Great armwarmers!

  7. The fingerless gloves look awesome! I also love the yarn you're using!! :)

  8. oh wow gorgeous yarn. Now I really want some toastys!

    thanks for visiting my blog too ;)

  9. Lovely! Can't wait to see the rainbow yarn knitted up!

    Oh, and I'll post the stitches for my Noro scarf with the FO for you :)

  10. Wow, those gloves are fabulous!

  11. Great armwarmers - I love those bright colors! I love the magenta Colinette, too. :)

  12. Ooh love those phenomenally bright colors!

  13. The bright rainbow toastys are AWESOME! They make me smile. The Colinette will be eye-catching too.

    I love rainbow striping yarns like the Bernat. I haven't used that one, but made a scarf out of Plymouth Kudo in rainbow shades -- and everywhere I worked on it, little kids came over to pet the yarn. It was a kid magnet!

  14. My sister is into making these right now. Love the colors you are using!

  15. OOh, that Colinette is gorgeous! You're right, it would make a wonderful pair of toasty mitts :)



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