Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIP Wednesday #5

Wednesday again???? Wow. Where does the time go?
I've been super busy doing all sorts of non work related things that I'll fill you in on later, but I have got a few WIPs to show you.

I've made a few of these. They are going to be Mug hugs like the one at the bottom of the second picture.

You can see more of that at this post.

I've also started a new project for my God daughter.
Its going to be this: 

but in pink. The yarn isnt actually as soft as it looks. I'm hoping it will be a bit nicer after it's been washed. But I have the yarn and the pattern so had better make it up while I have the time I suppose.

The pattern  is a lot harder than it looks but I'm coping so far. It's the first garment I've made so it's definitely a learning process.

Fingers crossed it turns out ok and that I get it finished before she grows out of it.

Dont forget to check out the other WIPs over at Tami's Amis.


  1. ~crosses fingers as well~ I hope the pattern comes out well and than washing softens it up!

    Looking pretty so far.

  2. Your mug hugs look cute. Hope the baby sweater works out for you.

  3. My soon to be sister in law sews mug hugs for her store, and, until I saw this post, it never occurred to me that they could be knitted or crocheted too. Is there a pattern that you're using? Or are you making your own pattern as you go along?

  4. Hi Christina.
    I made some for coffee cups (Starbucks type things) that I knitted from scratch that you might find in an earlier post but these came from the book 20 to make, Mug Hugs. Theres an amazon link on the right hand side. Theres another mug hug book on there too. Once you've got the rough sizes tho' you could use any stitch pattern I guess and adapt whats in the book. Have a look at the books, they're quite fun.



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