Monday, 4 June 2012

A new project.

I've been making progress (not on my coursework but lets not go there - I'm feeling guilty enough as it is)

Baby blanket 4 is FINISHED!!!! It (and blanket 3) needs blocking so hopefully I'll be able to unveil them on Friday. I'm really pleased with both of them. They're pretty basic patterns but hopefully they'll be useful. Blanket 3 is for a special friend, one of the lucky 6 who came to our wedding and blanket 4 is for my Canadian colleague Julia. She's fab. She lives in my home town. We car shared for just over a year so I know her quite well. In fact I went all the way to Canada when she got married 3 years ago. She and her husband are 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet, they're just so friendly and always seem so happy to see you. So keep an eye out on Friday, I'll be posting pics then.

But I've started a new blanket. I LOVE my ripple blanket that I started a while ago but it kind of ground to a halt. No particular reason other than I got bored. I have a ridiculously short attention span.

I wanted to make my God daughter another, larger blanket for snuggling under on the sofa. The baby blanket I made her was oatmeal as we didnt know if she was a she or a he. So I wanted to make something nice and girly.

I was inspired by this ripple blanket on Crochet with Raymond and thought that a colour themed blanket would be nice so I ordered 8 balls of red and  pink DK. And here it was when I started it on Friday: (with a Cath Kidston cuppa!)

Here are the balls in one of my Cath Kidston knitting bags - my SIL bought this for me for Christmas and I LOVE it. In a fortnight I'll be on our annual trip to Dartmoor with 70 11 year olds. We have to stay awake til they're all asleep so there's a lot of sitting around chatting in the evenings waiting for the dainty sound of snoring children so it will be coming with me to keep me out of trouble.

And here it is now:

The only problem is that my God daughter's room is yellow. Her dad is amazingly artistic and has painted an incredible silhouette mural of yellow bunnies and chicks on the walls. So now I'm thinking that although I wanted to go all out girly, perhaps I should go with shades of yellow instead......... hmmm. Perhaps I'll have to shelve the pink one - perhaps until I have a pink baby of my own ;)   I guess I'll have to let you know what I decide as I'm not convinced either way yet. (about the blankets that is, not about having babies, I'm pretty sold on that idea already)

Pop back on Friday for a few FOs. :)

I hope you're all enjoying the Jubilee celebrations. I love a bit of British patriotism.

I'm joining up with a new link party tonight. Pop over and have a look:


  1. I so do not envy the Dartmoor trip (but then I don't do 11 year olds at all - much younger!) I love the colours you have made. Are you making it for the room or for her? She will hopefully take it with her wherever she goes and the colours you have used will not show the dirt that much.

  2. Love Dartmouth so picturesque. The blanket looks so pretty but maybe you will have to do another and add this one to your bottom drawer

  3. Love the pinks in the ripple blanket - I would have a close look at the room and see if he has used some other colours - but a girly blanket has to be pink! Michx ps good luck with the trip!

  4. lovely work. It has been really nice to see the whole country getting a bit patriotic for a change, hasn't it.

  5. Welcome to Handmade Monday - sorry for being so late in visiting you but I've had computer problems and am working with a borrowed screen at the moment till mine is fixed. Loving the look of the baby blanket - will it match in with the room as an accent colour? Good luck with the school trip! x

  6. The trip to Dartmoor sounded lovely until you mentioned 11 year olds! Bit too much hard work for me! Your work looks lovely. Stick with pink!

  7. The blanket colours are lovely, you can't get much more girly than pink :)

    Jan x

  8. The colours of your blanket are sizzling! I would keep at it by the time you've finished it, dad might have changed the room again! You can't have to much pink!



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