Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WIP Wednesday #28

oooooh, I'm so excited that I have another WIP post.

I have too much to do work wise to be blogging really but you know the old expression about wanting something done and asking someone busy..........

Anyway. I know what I'd rather be doing. :)

My ripple blanket has been coming along slowly but surely. I try to pick it up every time I sit down in front of the telly. It's coming on my 'holiday' in sunny Dartmoor next week so hopefully in a fortnight I'll have another WIP post and it will look dramatically different.

I'm on a residential trip with 70 11 year olds next week and we stay awake until we know all the children are asleep. This generally involves sitting on the landing eating nibbles and chatting until ths giggling stops. I HATE sitting down doing nothing, it seems like such a waste of time. (and usually ends up with me falling asleep)

So top of my kit list is my ripple blanket.

Pop pver to some of these linky parties to have a look at other WIPs.
Have a fab fortnight and if I dont see you before, I'll be back with a WIP in a fortnight.


  1. Lovely ripple blanket. Reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream :) Good luck with the trip. I couldn't stay awake that late :(

  2. Oh I love those colours, so warm and loving looking!Ouch staying awake for that sounds awful, I would surely fall asleep!



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