Friday, 15 June 2012

A confession

I have a confession to make.

Now, I'm no knitting expert, I havent been doing it for that long- 2 years I suppose- so really I'm not necessarily qualified to judge but......

I have NEVER understood the deisre to knit shawls.

(I know, I'm sorry. Please dont judge me)

Why a shawl? Why not a scarf? When would you even wear a shawl??? I'm more a fan of brightly coloured nonsense knitting and crocheting. You know, knitted snakes, mug hugs and scarves. Nothing 'proper'. I've never made anything I can wear that wasnt a pair of gloves or  a scarf. But I've noticed that the majority of the blogs I visit from the WIP and FO linky parties and the like have involved the knitting of a shawl at some point. And I've never understood why.

Until I saw this post.

How cute is that Wingspan????

I decided that I HAD to make my own wingspan. I downloaded the pattern and got really excited..... Until I realised that I dont have the required 3.5mm 60 cm circular needle or any 4 ply wool.:(

But then I found this beauty and remembered that the pattern does actually give adjustments for DK. 


Isnt it AMAZING? I love it.
I bought it ages ago from Rainbow silks my LYS but never really had a plan for it.

However it's fate is sealed now. I'm quite excited.

I'm off on our residential on Monday (and taking my pink ripple blanket with me!) so I figured I'd order the needles I need before I go and they should arrive while I'm away, ready for some intense shawl knitting next weekend. I've also found this post which gives a few hints and tips. I can't wait to get started and for my needles to arrive.

I think I've become a shawl convert.

Oh and I've found a new link party over at Go over and have a look. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. I, too, could not understand the draw of shawls, but I've found that many patterns can also double as scarves, and I wear shawls with dresses when I don't have a cardi on hand.



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