Friday, 28 December 2012

And......... relax!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope that your Christmas celebrations were everything you hoped they would be.

We spent they day at my mum's with my brother and sister. My hubby and I cooked most of the dinner, it was the first time we'd done it as we dont have the space to host here, and was quite a surprising success.

Needless to say we've spent today and yesterday vegging out on the sofa, feeling sorry for ourselves after massively over indulging. Will we ever learn???

I've just spent a happy hour or so on Amazon, surfing around looking at knitting books. One of the children in my class gave me a £15 Amazon voucher for Christmas (how super generous?!?!?) so I thought I'd treat myself.

I found this:

and then this:

and also this:

As much as I love the ease of internet shopping and hate all the battles getting into the carparks and then the shops, as soon as I've chosen the stuff I want to buy, I want it instantly and can't bear the wait til the items arrive through the post.

I can't wait to get started on knitting some snuggly lovely baby items.

What are your knitting plans for the new year?


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