Sunday, 16 December 2012

Handmade Monday

Oh I am LOVING my Christmas projects.

As much as I'm really excited to get them made and finished off, I'm glad they are taking a while so I can enjoy the whole process of making them.

Is that kind of crazy???

If you've visited before you may have seen that I had the amazing idea of making a garland of 24 little stockings to make into an advent calendar. Needless to say it wasn't ready before Advent started. It probably wont be finished before Christmas but hey, I'm having fun.

The stocking count is currently at 5.5.

In my last post on Wednesday I said that I'd been distracted by making the gorgeous little crocheted snowflakes from the tutorial on According to Matt. They only take about 5 minutes to make up and mine still need to be blocked and starched but they are so much fun and SO gorgeous. I have 10 of them so far.

But that was before I found this pattern for cocheted snowflakes on Attic 24. So my garland is now going to consist of a mixture of 3 different snowflakes. But I like that. I think it will look great.


It's a slow process for me. I dont get a lot of crafting time during a normal week and this week I've had a streaming cold. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed (which did mean that I got all my Christmas presents ordered online so it wasn't all bad) but it really takes me a while to get anything finished off.

Oh, and in other news, him indoors, otherwise known as Scrooge, has finally shown an interest in the Christmas tree (it's only been there a week!!!). He asked if there was any chocolate on it.
There wasn't and therefore the interest soon ended. But there hasn't been chocolate on the Christmas tree in any of the 6 years we've lived together so who knows what he was thinking of.

I'm hooking up with Handmade Monday again, and Make Something Monday when the link is up.
I hope the last week of school productions, carol services and shopping go swimmingly for everyone. xxx


  1. Your woollie Christmas makes are lovely, and your comment about "him indoors" made me laugh. I sent my husband to the shops last week, but he came home with nothing. Shops seem to confuse him.

  2. No wonder you didn't get your stockings finished, snowflakes and other projects coming along the way (who doesn't do this however?)I like your philosophy however, enjoying the process is really important - after all we wouldn't do if we didn't would we? Hope that you have a very enjoyable Christmas.

  3. It's great that you're enjoying the process - that's a big part of it, isn't it? Love the 3 different snowflakes! x

  4. wow! Well done with all those mini stockings! Its great that you're having such fun with the project and that is definitely the most important thing :)

    Your collection of snowflakes is so pretty :) x

  5. I love the snowflakes, have you tried putting glitter on while the glue is wet?
    I like that there are 3 types of snowflake.

    Jan x

  6. I am impressed at all the work you have done. The snowflakes are nearly a blizzard! not quite, but they look great.
    happy Xmas
    Wendy x

  7. The snowflakes are beautiful and will look lovely as a garland. Only two more days of school and then you can enjoy a well earned break! Happy Christmas, Jo x



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