Sunday, 23 December 2012

Snowflake scrumminess

I think I've finally learnt something about my crochet and knitting habits. I need small projects (preferably with a lot of repetition) or I get bored/lose concentration/get distracted. My attention span is shamefully short for a fully grown adult.

So my Christmas projects have been perfect.

I planned to make an advent stocking garland using a pattern from the Jean Greenhow Christmas Special booklet which of course means making 24 of them. I'm getting there. 6 down 18 to go.

But as I mentioned before, I got distracted by this snowflake tutorial and then distracted from making them by this tutorial. Seriously, shamefully short! But I highly recommend both patterns. I dont have a lot of crochet experience and have to youtube each stitch at the beginning of each project because I can never remember the difference between a HDC, a DC or US and UK terminology. So for me to be able to follow a pattern, it needs to be pretty simple and have clear photos. Both these tutorials fulfill these criteria! :)

So I set about making enough of each so that I could make a snowflake garland for our living room window.  We have a fab window, it's 4.5, wide and looks out across the valley. Sounds fab eh? but half of it is overlooked by the neighbours so half the curtains are shut permanently. Anyway, I wanted a snowflake garland to span the whole window.

I ended up with 10 of Matt's snowflakes and 10 of Lucy's small snowflakes, topped off with 5 of Lucy's full sized snowflakes and worked out that I needed about 18 cm or a chain of 30 between each flake and set about collating them.


I cant get a photo of the whole window, silly Christmas tree is in the way, but you get the idea.

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone. We're off to my mum's for the day then with the inlaws on the 29th.

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