Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Please help :(

I've made loads of progress on my ripple blanket :)

But the more I make the more I realise that the original chain in pink is too tight.

It's viscose and I cant see that I will be able to stretch it, even if i get it wet.

The only way I can see to fix it is to rip the whole thing apart and start again. :(

Please tell me there's a solution that doesnt involve starting from scratch again. :(

I'm so disappointed as I thought I'd made such good progress.
Am off to bed to have a little sulk .......

1 comment:

  1. Oh girl, if I knew how to crochet or had a magic wand, I'd fix it right up. Barring that, I think you should post on Rav linking to the details on your blog and wait while one million and seven crocheters knock each other down in the race to help. Good luck!



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