Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WIP Wednesday #14

My first post of the new year! Happy New Year everyone.

I didn't do a collection of all the things I made last year as there weren't many of them and I thought it would depress me. ;)

My knitting work is progressing REALLY slowly at the moment. I'm back at work and it's all a little crazy - I've been asked to move year group and my Course work is going to really take off this term - the deadline is May 14th - I have SOOO much to do :(

I'm finding it all a little stressful to be honest and my lovely hubby has just gone away to Hong Kong for 2 and a half weeks on business so I'm sulking all alone at home. He does all the cooking so I'm going to be a little hungry. Is it possible to starve to death in 16 days???

Anyway, really this is the extent of my WIPs, a little progress on the baby blanket.

I'll keep ploughing away at it.

Pop over to Tamis to see some more WIPs - hopefully everyone else is making the progess on their projects I'd like to be making on mine. 


  1. You can survive 3 minutes w/o air, 3 hours w/o shelter in extreme conditions, 3 days w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food. So, you're good. LOL

  2. Great, so all I need to do is remember to drink and keep a window open. ;)

  3. I tend to live on crackers and fruit (with liberal doses of Diet Coke) in those situations. Good luck with it! Also, you really need to embrace the circular needle. It will make that beautiful blankie you're working on SO much more pleasant to knit when you can spread your stitches out. :) It's not scary, promise!



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