Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Make a Month - January

I stumbled across the Felt Fairy's blog from Mimi and Tilly and found that they are hosting a Make a Month group. A moment of madness overcame me and I signed up for it. It means posting photos of your creations on Flickr but it means committing to making at least one creation a month. I'm determined to make it to the end of the year tho!

Here's my January Make.

It's a bit of a late Christmas present for someone I'd hoped to see over the Christmas holidays but it soon became obvious that we just wouldnt be able to get together so I relaxed with the present finishing. (what a RUBBISH friend I am)

If you've been reading my posts for a while you may remember that I was challenged with a rather hideous project back in the summer in this post.

My friend Dr Lucy bought me a ball of this yarn:

And issued 2 of us with the challenge to make something out of it. Now this photo doesnt really do justice to the truely horrible colours lurking within this ball of cheap horrible scratchy double knit.

But I threw myself into the challenge (I'm not a good loser)

And what better to make from really 80's style luminous wool than some really 80's style wrist warmers????

So I made myself these:

(They are the same length, its just a bad photo. )

I wear them to work. The kids at school love them. I often get told 'Cool gloves Miss.'

But I used less than half the ball of wool. What could I possibly do with half a ball of this delight?????

I made another pair of wrist warmers....... For Dr Lucy!!!!! Mainly for Christmas but also as punishment for introducing the hideous stuff into my life.

(I complain about the yarn but I LOVE the gloves really and often get compliments about them)

and here they are:

The pattern shows better in Lucy's. I'm not sure why, I used the same needles and number of stitches. Maybe it was my tension.

I love them.

They are in the post winging their way to Lucy. I just hope that they arrive before she sees this.

I think that if you go here you'll be able to see the fab pictures of all the wonderful things people have been making.

I wonder what I'll make for February......


  1. OOOOH Love them! How great is that wool, the colour mix when made up is great fun! x

    1. thank you. I had a look on your blog and realised I ordered some felt from you last year. Should get some photos up of the stuff I made from it



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