Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ripple pictures

I couldnt leave that last post with no photos. (and I STILL havent finished that work!!!)

I'm making the blanket out of this amazing Sublime Bamboo and Pearls DK. I bought it from Black sheep wools ages ago with the idea of making a ripple blanket but obviously it was sensible to wait until I was snowed under with work before I took on a massive new project ;)

It's a bit of an odd mix of colours but i'm hoping that it will look good when they're all put together.

It's going to be incredibly wide. I'm not sure I've got enought wool yet but i'll see how it goes.

The green isnt such a mushy pea colour as this- honest. i just took the photos quickly now under a lamp so it's not a great representation.

Look! I can crochet a ripple!

I've followed the tutorial on Attic 24.

I'm hoping to follow this pattern of rows.

I'm quite pleased with myself - if only the coursework lesson planning had gone so well.
Going back to work now to try to get it done before a nice early night :)

After my last post I got a text message with a photo of some rippling going on. It turns out that my friend Dr Abbe who was involved in the knitting challenge you might have read about a while back had also decided to start a blanket. Maybe we can encourage Dr Lucy to join in too. Maybe Abbe will send me some picture of her progress to share with you too.
See you Wednesday for abit of an update hopefully.

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