Monday, 2 May 2011

Knitted WAGs

After Cyril came this:
But she doesnt have a name. I never was any good at naming my dolls. 
All suggestions gratefully received. 

She's made from double knit, most of which came from the local pound shop. They seem to have a good range of colours and it's cheap so I can feed my addiction for just a few pounds. 

The skirt came from my friend Ellie who makes all sorts of impressive things out of ribbon and lace and had some spare net stuff she said I could have. I think she was a little more excited about dressing the doll than I was.

This is her Facebook page. Have a look at the stuff she makes. It's far more creative than Knitting. I think the science geek side of my brain likes mathematical nature of a knitting pattern. Ellie's stuff clearly comes from the other side of her brain.!/

The pattern for the doll came from the same book as Cyril and again, was easy to follow. I was surprised how like the picture in the book my creation was!

But, like an exhausting child I wasnt satisfied with that.

Friends of ours had had a baby in March and my knitting wasnt up to much then. But by the summer when i made the doll I was feeling a litte more confident.

So between my boyfriend and I, (I was a little surprised at how interested he was!) we adapted the pattern in the book to create this:

I'm sure you can tell, but if not, it's a Plymouth Argyle football player. Our friend is from Plymouth and a die hard fan so we thought his little boy would like this. Maybe I should give him the doll too and she can become a WAG. She looks like she'd enjoy that.

The hair was a nightmare and I cant remember now how I did it - clearly blocked it from my mind - but I wanted to make it attached so that we could give it to a 3 month old without worrying about him sucking it all off. I was relieved when this one was finished but still quite pleased with the result. Having said that, I think that next time I feel the urge to knit a person (?!?!) I will use one of the Jean Greenhowe patterns because they are SUPER cute!

I think that's that first 6 months of my knitting logged. I knit really slowly and, as I'm a teacher, always have other, far more important things to be doing than knitting, like marking or planning lessons so I dont get much time to knit.

My friend Dr Lucy's mum (who laughed at my first knitting attempt) calls those things you do when you have a MILLION more important things to do, oven cleaning activities. When you have loads to do, you find something really unimportant to do to convince yourself you're busy. I think that's how I am with knitting. But who wants to clean the oven?? particularly when you can knit and create all sorts of odd things to fill your house with.

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