Sunday, 15 May 2011


Where was I?
Some time before Christmas mum and I were making scarves.

I took mum to an appointment in Great Missenden and wandered into Rainbow Silks. There was a knitted bag on the table there calling to me.

It was made from Trapilho Selvedge Edge yarn

It is t-shirt material cut into strips about 2cm wide which then curls up on itself into a yarn about 7mm wide. I had to buy some 25mm needles but it was fun.

I'll cut a long story short because I dont have any photos at the moment but i made 2 bags.

Then I went back for more Trapilho.

And then some more.

 I made a few with the bamboo handles and sold them before Christmas. I lined them with plain black cotton.

I need to take some photos of the others really.

I also made a few of these:

because they were a bit of fun.

But then my knitting kind of ground to a halt after Christmas. I had a cross stitch I needed to finish and I think the scarves had ground me down a bit.

So that was it for a while..........

until the Easter holidays.

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