Sunday, 8 May 2011

New recruit

I have just taught my third recruit into the Nicky School of Knitting how to knit.
She was inspired while I was knitting the afore mentioned Baby Blanket at an impromptu neighbourhood BBQ yesterday. (The Baby Blanket is NEARLY finished. I need to knit onto the side of the blanket and i'm not sure how to do that so it may grind to a pathetic halt) 

Anyway, after the doll and the footballer came these little treasures:

Somehow I created the patterns for these myself.

cast off in purl

k1 skpo k1 m1

cast on 40 stitches.
use DK and size 10 needles.

The doll's neck is the same as the line on the phone cases where i was able to feed through a platted yarn. Apparently K1 SKPO K1 M1, makes a nice row with some holes init.
I havent really got to grips with changing colour halfway along the row. What was I doing wrong?

So then I plaited 3 bits of wool together and then fed it through the holes to make a drawstring effect.

I made the pink one for me and Ellie loved it so much she begged me to make the mint green one.

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