Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WIP Wednesday #17

So, apart from the 5 or 6 (or even 7 if I think hard enough), knitting and crochet projects I have going on at the moment, I think my current WIP would have to be my photography. If you're a regular visitor you'll know my photos are quite amateurish and I've often commented on how rubbish they are. I marvel at other people's blogs and their amazing photography. I wonder how their photos are always so bright and colourful and get annoyed that, as I'm at work all day, I can only take rubbishy dark grainy photos in the evenings for my posts.

So when hubby went to Hong Kong on business and asked what I wanted him to bring back for me, I jokingly said 'a digital SLR'.  Now, the last 4 times he's been to HK he has insisted that they are so busy in meetings all day that there is really no time to shop so I normally ask for something a bit ridiculous knowing that it won't happen. He always brings me something back but it's often perfume or jewellery from duty free. I dont mean to sound ungrateful, really I'm not. But my point is that usually he really is too busy to shop.

Imagine my surprise when he came home with a brand new Canon 600D. :) I'm SO lucky, I'm so spoilt. I really have the BEST husband in the world. - If you flick back thro my posts to this one you'll see that we havent been married long. We've been together 7 years but only married since August last year but he really is the best. :)

Anyway, enough gushing.

So I've been practising my photography. Well, taking photos of random things. random stuff round the house.

and here are the results.

 I love this one. The picture on the Telly is really cool.

Now I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get out and about taking more pictures.

Oh and this is how far I've got with my ripple blanket.....

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  1. Congrats on the new camera and amazing husband

  2. Lovely camera and I love the ripple blanket!
    Happy Yarn Along!

  3. I love that you have photos of things in your house. I have been contemplating taking some pictures of trinkets and bobbles from around my house. I want to see if I can capture their essence, but the lighting is still such a challenge!
    Congrats on the new camera and the enviable husband. Pinch yourself, you are lucky!

  4. The ripple blanket is coming along very prettily. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  5. have fun with your new camera! how exciting. and your ripple blanket is so pretty.



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