Friday, 3 February 2012

Favourite thing on a Friday/Bliss List

Oh wow am I glad it's Friday?!?!!?

For many reasons it's been a long tough week and I can't quite believe that the weekend is finally here again. I'm so relieved that I'm a little scared that I'll realise it's actually only Thursday and I'll have to get up and go to work again tomorrow.

My guides are taking part in a 17km incident hike tomorrow from 12 pm til 12 am. but the forecast is for heavy snow. I'm half expecting it to be cancelled. (I'm more than half HOPING it will be cancelled because, although I dont have to walk with them, I do have to go and register them and hang around for hours while they get their kit checked and briefed. So unless there is a sudden heat wave I'd rather stay in bed in the warmth!)

But that brings me onto my favourite things.

1. I do love a bit of snow and I'm even a bit of a fan of the expectation and mild panic the threat of snow induces. I'm kind of hoping we do get a bit over the weekend. The town I live in has been namd the coldest place in Britain twice in the last year or so. I get mercilessly ribbed for even mentioning snow and Chesham but it really has been cold here. Look: This was last night! It was MINUS 13!!!!!
I've been snowed in here for days before. I live up quite a steep hill and cant get my car out when there's more than about 5 cm of snow. I've been known to drag the sledge down to the town, load it up with shopping that I tape on with brown parcel tape and pull it back up the hill. In fact, If I search back through old phone photos I find this.........

On a warmer note.........

2. Tea, a nice cuppa tea. Like all true Brits I LOVE a good cuppa tea. I have it really milky with 2 sugars.

This one was so good I'd drunk half of it by the time I'd photographed it. It's in my favourite Cath Kidston mug. (maybe one Friday Cath Kidston will feature amongst my favourite things). It was truly yummy and steaming hot. Perfect!

3. Something I'm particularly keen on at the moment is my ripple blanket. I get bored with projects so easily that I want to get as much of this beauty done before the boredom strikes. It's coming on quite well at the moment. I'm not so keen on the last row of green but it's staying because I'm hoping it will all look lovely when it's finished.

I think that's enough for my first Favourite Things on a Friday/Little Bliss List post.

Have a look at the links to see other, far more interesting posts about lovely stuff. Pop over to see Emma at Mimi and Tilly and send her a hug. She deserves it.

Have a FAB weekend everyone and try to stay warm.


  1. I love the bright orange Sainsbury bags :) That store was my favorite, as it was round the corner from our flats when I stayed in London!
    I'm loving the progress on your ripple- mine still looks really boring, so I'm taking in the prettiness of yours!

  2. by the looks of it you probably helped us crochet! I love a good cup of tea with milk, nothing better in a hot beverage. WOW you pull that sled into town!! Good on ya.
    Lots of bliss is your house this week.

  3. A big mug of steamy tea is on my favourite things/bliss list every day of the week. I love your ripple blanket. I fancy I'd like to learn how to crochet one of those. Thanks for joining in with FTOF and Liv's Bliss list. Sending a big ole hug your way, Em xx

  4. Hooray for tea, especially in such a pretty mug! And for ripple blankets---I'll make one someday, I swatched the Attic 24 pattern once and really enjoyed it. Yours is looking great so far, really fun colours. :)

    And I do hope that you get to stay inside and stay warm today with your cuppa and crochet.

  5. Cute tea mug. I love her designs too.

  6. love the ripple blanket! i can only manage back & forth rows!

  7. I had tea like that.....cambridge tea my grandmother used
    to call it...alot when I was a little girl.
    thanks for the sweet remember.
    maybe I'll add goat's milk to some tea later on:)



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